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Please be fair and give credit where credit is due, in turn, I will always make an effort to give credit to my resources and link them appropriately. Thank you for your consideration.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Studio V3 "Standard" and "Advance" cutting

Today I made another video tutorial/chat. It has concerned me that so many seem to have such a dislike for this new software. I discovered many of them did not know of the most recent update of Studio 3.0.343 that addressed their concerns and wishes to have the original cut settings as part of the newest update. Silhouette listens to their customers and added the "Standard" cut features. I have found several uses for the other "Advance" cut settings and wanted to take a little time to briefly show the advantages.

I know when people have been going to the "Help", "Check For Updates" they have not been directed to go to the newest version. If you don't have the Studio V3.0.343 please go here to find the download:
Studio V3.0.343 Download

Another recently reported "ssue" was this weeks' "Freebie Tulip" cutting file. Many had concerns that it would not open up in the Studio Legacy V2 version of the software and felt as though this was some kind of conspiracy to force Sihouette users to update to the Studio V3. Silhouette wants their customers to be pleased with the software and realizes there are still some bugs that need to be addressed and would never force their clients to update. The Studio Legacy V2 remains on the download site for those whom are leary of the new software. I have to say; I've had nothing but beautiful cuts usig the newest update of Studio V3 but I am aware of some issues others have found. For them, they may be more comfortable reverting back to the Studio V2.

Now back to that "Freebie Tulip" cutting I wrote to support to learn more. As you can see in the video I too had seen this pop-up and wondered what was going on. Here is the email I received from support. I hope this helps to alleviate any concerns about a conspiracy to force us to use the new Studio V3 software.

This has been an unfortunate error. We are truly sorry it has caused any heartache or concern whatsoever. It had never been our intent to offer a file that indicated the need to update the program, nor is it our intent to do so moving forward. All files should continue to be offered in a compatible format for previous versions of the software. Unfortunately, the individual responsible for formatting and posting new content has been out of the office this week and the alternate individual handling the responsibility of posting the new shape provided the image in an updated format by accident. Please trust that this was indeed a genuine oversight and that the image has immediately been corrected.

Anyone who had obtained the newer version of the file but who is running on an older version of the software can simply do the following:

1. Delete the image from the library
2. Go to the library’s “Recycle Bin”
3. Right-click and empty the Recycle Bin (IMPORTANT!)
4. Recover the image anew from the Silhouette Online Store

The adjusted new download will work properly. Again, we appreciate everyone’s understanding that this was a genuine error and we have never had plans to force anyone to update the software who genuinely does not wish to do so. We sincerely desire all to enjoy their crafting experience with the Silhouette!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trip to the Emergency Room and Why You Should Never Give Up

Today I'm blogging about something totally off the subject of crafting or Sihouette.The reason why I'm doing this is to share some things everyone needs to know and take into account when they are dealing with "strange" or unpleasant syptoms.

As many of you know, my daughters dear Dad passed away on February 28th of colon cancer. He had his colonoscopy and wasn't due for another one for at least six months. He had gone to his doctor several times about back pain, lethargy, and an over all lack of energy. He was told to use a testosterone cream to help alleviate these symptoms. He used the cream but continued to have symptoms yet he figure it was a "waste of time" to return to his doctor who would just "waste his time" and not help. At the insistance of my youngest daughter whom noticed his weight loss and knew of his other symptoms he returned to his docotr. By this time other syptoms had shown up. On this day, they doctor decided to do a more thorough exam and discovered a tumor/growth. By the time he received medical care it was in retrospect too late. He battled through so many harsh chemo, radiation, and surgical treatments and lost the battle.

Next, is the most recent story of my eldest daughter. She is the type of person to hardly ever complain. Over the last year and a half she has told me of some horrific headaches she was getting and they now seem to be coming more frequently. I pleaded with her to make a doctor's appointment and get this checked out. She didn't as she thought she may just have to deal with it and all too often has been let down by doctors. She had to go to the docotr over a bad sinus infection. She then approached the subject of the "Pick Like Headaches" and told him how severe they were. He didn't run any kind of tests but gave her a prescription for "Topomax" . She continued to get these sever headaches and then began having some side effects from what she believed to be the Topomax so she went on about her not so merry way. The horrible pain in her head were comng on more frequent. She was having five or more episodes a week. She approached another doctor about this issue. He told her it was probably a pinched nerve since the pain seemed to have originated from her neck.

Last night, I received a phone call from my dear daughter. She was crying almost hysterically and could ony speak a couple of words at a time which made me even more alarmed and concerned. I begged her to please let me take her to the Emergency Room. After the 10 second episode of her one of many episodes had subsided she said: "Mom, there is probably nothing they can do for me. It's probably just a pinched nerve. I just don't know how much more I can take of this but I can't see going to the Emergecy Room to be sent home by another doctor telling me it's a pinched nerve." I told her; pain is a sign fo something wrong and it's not normal and can be an indciator of something horribly wrong. Before I was able to get out of my mouth that "no matter what, she is going to the E.R." she had another wave of pain. Again, she could not focus, or speak. I ran out of the house so fast, drove to her home as though God had placed wings on my car and picked her up to take her for help. She looked worn, frazzled, she was of balance, and her eyes were so swollen from the crying she had done over the pain she was feeling.

We spent 4 hours at the E.R. They hooked up an I.V. with fluids and added two medications to help alleviate some of the pain and nausea. The pain medication didn't help. the Nurse Practioner on service this night was wonderful! She did a thorough exam and ordered a CAT scan of my daughter's head. After a short timeo f waitng the Nurse Practioner was back in with the results. My daughter has Chiari Malformation (More About Chiari). She will be seeing a neuro surgeon within the next few weeks and will have a surgery which will help her. I am so thankful to the Lord. I said a prayer on my drive to my daughter's home. I asked for her to be placed in the hands of a competent, compassionate, and intelligent health care person. The Lord gave us this wonderful lady, highy skillled, compassionate Nurse Practitioner.

This blog is not just about my experience. It's about spreading a message and a message I hope all of you will spread. You all know your bodies and have instincts. If you feel like something is being missed it probably is. Don't rely on ony the wisdom of you family doctor or other health care providers; rely on you, your intincts, and do some of your own research. Never give up. It may save your life, someone elses life, and or prevent terrible things from happening.

I now have my hearing back because I never gave up. I knew something was wrong and was tired of getting one antibiotic after another as each day proved to be another day with a lessened ability to hear. I was finally seen by and ENT I begged my way into seeing. His words: " I'm shocked and amazed you can hear anything at all because my hearing test results showed as a flat line." I had two types of surgery. One was as simple as placing tubes in my ears. The scary part was waiting for the results to see if this was all due to a type of cancer that is rare but found in individual wom are adults of my age with these kind of symptoms. The results came back and I did not have the cancer. I still have some hearing loss but oh, so many other things could have happened if I would have given up.

Twenty percent of Americans are misdiagnosed or simply not diagnosed. All of us, from all over the world need to take an active role in our health care. Most important believe in yourselves, the knowledge of knowing your bodies, your instincts to guide you. Don't be passive when it comes to asserting your desires to be helped and please; pass this along to others. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Studio V3.0.343 FAQ'a and Bug Issues

Hello, as we are all still getting acquainted with the new Studio V 3.0.43 I decided to make yet another video to help explain some frequesntly asked questions. There are many new users whom don't understand the file extensions so in this video I addressed this question and some others. I plan on making more "How to Design" videos in the future. Right now with some of the remaining bug/glitches I'm trying to answer or explain work arounds or know issues.

Besides making videos the Silhouette Plus Forum has a porton of the "Studio V3 Discoveries and Discussions" dedicated to bug reporting. I email these to Silhouette support so they can use these reports to assist them with an organized way of addressing the issues.

This morning I sent an email to Brian with the latest "bug report". He so kindly and quickly sent me another email addressing some fixes for a couple of the issues reported. I'm going to paste them below the video.

I appreciate all the effort and hard work Silhouette and the wonderful Silhouette Support team has given and continues to give in addressing concerns and issue. I know all of you appreciate them too.

Here it he link to review or download the new Studio 3 User manual: Studio V3 User Manual

2. Still can't work with 2 designer editions running at the same time as the new 3.0 version still steals license Key from 2.* versionsBRIAN: I think we discussed this briefly, but I don’t believe this is “fixable” since the issue with license key removal occurs in the older V2 version. We’ll continue to explore, but basically, it isn’t recommended to run two different versions on the same computer. Sorry. L

3. I was opening a .png file and the following error message popped up.

Auto save feature was unable to obtain write access. 

I can't find any information on this feature on the Auto Save release notes page. 

I closed out the program, opened it again and opened the same file again, but didn't get the error message this time.
BRIAN: If you go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Silhouette America\Silhouette Studio there is a sub-program called “Permissions”. This should be a rare instance that people need to run this, but the experience above indicates a permissions concern on the computer/account specifically (rather than a general software bug). If the user exits the Silhouette Studio software and then runs this program, all should be fine going forward.

4. My Fill Pattern Window still freezes up the program just by trying to scroll down to my purchased patterns. I haven't been able to successfully use my Fill Pattern Window with either release of version 3. My workaround has been to select the shape, then open my library and go to my fill patterns. If I double click on the pattern it will fill the shape. 

BRIAN: It sounds as though some very large files are likely be loaded into the library. Here’s the common support response:
This issue likely indicates that the fill pattern files in use are too large and thus causing issues with the software program. Please do the following:
1.    Open the Silhouette Studio® software program
2.    Go to the library
3.    Right-click on the pattern(s) in question in your library
4.    Select to the Delete Item option
5.    Right-click on the library's Recycle Bin
6.    Select the Empty Recycle Bin option
8.    Re-sample the original images to a lower pixel rate in order to make them smaller and more manageable with this program by dragging and dropping files to have them converted automatically
This process will re-sample the original images to make them smaller and friendlier for the Silhouette Studio® program. We would recommend to re-sample into a JPG at a rate of 500px.
9.    You may then import the converted image into the library anew.
Second problem with fill patterns: it is still saving as a huge file size. I have a single shape on my page filled with a Silhouette-purchased pattern. The file size is 24 MB! No good  

BRIAN: Big pattern file size brought into the software = big STUDIO file size when saved. I’m not sure there’s any way to resolve this other than the answer above in bringing in smaller versions of the intended image pattern.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Video On the Release of Studio 3.0.343

Good day everyone, I know how busy all of you must be with your Easter plans. I too am hopping around like the Easter bunny trying to get things done. Before I go off for the day to run errands I wanted to make a little video about the new Studio V3 updates.

There are still bugs and some issue within this version but it is still a very nice version to use. I made five Easter baskets yesterday using the new Studio V3 and love the way it works.

One of the issues is "Exporting" you "Studio Library". I already reported this issue and it's being worked on. Also, the ability to drag and drop patterns/digi papers from our comuter to  a Studio drawn shape is still an issue. There is a work around for this. I'm adding the steps below:

1. Open up Studio and save a blank document. You can name it something like "Fill File"

2. Close the document then re-open it by going to File, Open Recent and slect your saved "Fill File" .

3. Now draw a shape, open up one of your pattern/ digi papers folder and drag it onto the drawn shape. Tada! you can now drag and drop.

There are other issues reported and I'm not going to comment on all of them today. I just want everyone to know Silhouette realizes this new update is not a "Fix All" but it allows us Studio users to learn and enjoy the many nice features of the new Studio V3.

Happy cutting and crafting to all. Sending wishes forall to feel and enjoy the many blessing of Easter. I'll see everyone after the Easter holiday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coming Today! April 16, 2014 the Updates for Studio 3

Hello Everyone,

I'm so happy to be to announce; Silhouette America will be releasing the updated version of the Studio V3 software today. The veersion is Studio 3.0.338. They will have it available for download some time this evening or night.

I wish you all could see the "Hapy Dance" I'm doing...well, maybe It's so nice to know eeryone will be back to enjoying cutting with this wonderful version of Studio. There are so many new features I just love. The best thing is; you will still be able to cut with the old cut settings of "Cut", "No Cut" and "Cut Edge". Also, the perforated lines are now showing up and cutting perfect. There is so much more to tell but soon, all of you will see this wonderful software and be using it with a smile on your face.

A little note; this new update addresses many of the issues/bugs found in the current Studio 3. Silhouette America's support team and programmers have worked around the clock to get this released. The beta testers were also amazing with the feed back they provided through all of their testing.

Silhouette America will continue to make improvement in the Studio V3 version  software. Right now, they are so excited to be able to release this update to help make your Silhouette cutting experience much better.

If you wnat to check out the Sihouette download site for the release you can click on this link Silhouette Software Downloads. Remember to make sure it is released befor downloading. This new version will also include release notes you may want to read over to see the issues addressed.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Peek at Studio 3.0 Updates to Come

Good day Silhouetters, I thought I should take a moment to make a video showing you some of the features you can expect in the updated version of the Studio V3 software. We are still doing beta testing and reporting back to Silhouette. I just want all of you to know how very hard everyone is working to make this software fun, user friendly and the very best it can be. I've always loved using the wonderful Studio software and know I will continue to love it. There is no comapny I know of who is so dedicated to the best customer support a company can provide. They listen to their customers and take action. A big standing ovation for Silhouette :)

Here is a video giving you all a peek at what is to come.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Working as a Beta Tester fo Stuido 3.0

Good day everyone, I am so happy to announce; jut as i expected Sihouette Support and the Silhouette Programmers have been working just as hard as I knew they would be. Myslef and several others have been asked to be Beta testers. I've been really, really busy doing some thorough checks on the list of things they asked for their Beta testers to test. The list is below.

I loved seeing hte old cutting settings back. I know many of you will too. Now we just all have to be patient while we wait for the release of the update. I've found a couple of issues with the Beta version and I know Silhouette Programmers will get these fixed. I'm sure it won't be too long before we are all happy cutters again.

Soon, I'll be making a video showing some of the Beta features. Please, stay tuned.

Happy Crafting everyone! Hugs,

A list of adjustments is found below: ·         Removed [Cut Settings]-[Editing: XXX]-[Cut Line Pattern] (removed line styles in “Cut Settings” as these will be built out later in the “Line Style” menu)
·         Trace controls often lock up.  - Fixed
·         Include 'No-Go' area display when Reg-Marks are Applied (Crosshatch)
·         Removed ZOOM % from title bar.
·         Offset was reported by some users to be inoperative.  - Fixed.
·         Offset margin changed from 0.250 to 0.125
·         Implement Packet Size selection in Preferences (same as V2)
·         Eraser shows 'Not Responding' when used on designs with a moderate line count - partial fix (new processing bar to indicate action - also a new algorithm is in pipeline)
·         Save as Legacy does not retain Reg-Marks - Fixed
·         SSV3 crashes when opening files saved in SSV3 - Fixed
·         New “Standard” cut mode in “Cut Settings” panel to return to familiar style of cutting, but retained new abilities to also cut by color & layer
·         Fix SSV3 import of SSV2 Reg-marks .studio files containing Reg-Marks are now rendered correctly.
·         Render the Cut Preview on top of the Design View. This solution allows the selection of objects in the 'Cut-Preview'.
·         Fields now update with return key and typed value with just hitting 'Apply' button
·         Removed “Auto-Weld” and “Convert Strokes To Outlines” checkboxes from SSV3 – necessary due to return of “Standard” cut mode
·         Auto-weld (cut edge) feature in the Cut-by color/layer list
·         Enter key now updates Move, Scale, Rotate entry fields correctly
·         Send Dashed lines from Design Page to Cut Preview then to cutter.
·         Added back the Inverted Reg-Marks feature
·         Show Print Border available in Page Settings - Keyboard Shortcut:  Toggle Print Border on/off: CTRL + SHIFT + P
·         Show Cut Border available in Page Settings - Keyboard Shortcut:  Toggle Cut Border on/off:   CTRL + SHIFT + E
·         Fixed and developed the relationship between the Rotate Center and Replicate functions.    Keyboard Shortcut:  Toggle Center of Rotation:  'O'
·         Improved ability to load in Layers from SVG exported from Adobe. (Some SVG from Adobe come with all layer groups encased within an  enclosing node.)
·         Cut-by-Fill-Color function implemented.
·         Cut-by-Fill-Texture function implemented.
·         Cut-by-Fill-Gradient function implemented.
·         Clean-ups to Text Style Panel:
§  When text shape is not being edited
·         Up/Down arrow can be used to select the next/prev font in the list
·         Typing a font name can select fonts in the list
§  When text shape is being edited:
·         Up/Down arrow maintain the previous function.
·         Fixed ability to drag a pattern from library into a shape on the draw area.
·         Save As Legacy (V2)
·         Add warning message for Save As Legacy  (may not save all V3 data in V2 filedata, don't save over original file etc)
·         Allow cut area to extend to 5000.0mm height when carrier sheet = OFF.
·         Allow media height up to 5000.0mm
·         Changed default setting for SVG import - 'As-Is'.
·         Fix issue where using cancel button when shutting down cause an exception.
·         Printing issue with missing tiles fixed