All of my cutting file shares are free. Please do not redistribute or sell what I freely share. These cutting file shares are for personal use only.

Please be fair and give credit where credit is due, in turn, I will always make an effort to give credit to my resources and link them appropriately. Thank you for your consideration.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Some more freebies

Update *** I just closed down the Silhouette Learning Center web site. Since it didn't get a lot of traffic and I was paying for something not used too much; it was best for me to shut it down. I'll just be using my blog to share cutting files, and tutorials. I hope this hasn't caused any problems with anyone. I'll post the download links for the cutting file and patterns under the images.

I almost forgot to let you know; the expandable purse will hold 4 Hershey kisses or Hugs. I filled this one up with 4 Kisses but somehow they disappeared. whistle

Oops, I'm sorry the sample image for the patterns is not too crisp. I had to make the image smaller to post on the Silhouette Learning Center.

Happy Crafting, Scrapbooking, and Creating! xxx- Debbie

Two Studio Patterns 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Newest Silhouette Studio Tutorial

Many of us like to make our own cutting files and really enjoy designing. One very important thing to learn to do is, to be able to close a path in order to make it a compound path so it can be filled or welded to another compound path.

Happy Crafting Everyone!

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Patterns and Mini Basket Cutting File

Here are this week's file shares. I designed a mini basket using the strawberry paper to show how it can be used with the mini basket.

Two Studio Patterned Papers and the Mini Basket cutting files are both being shared. The cute mini basket was really fast and easy to put together. You can add the patterns to your Studio library under "My Patterns" To do this; File. "Import to My Library", once the pattern is in your Library you can drag it to your "My Patterns" folder.

These patterns are the same high resolution patterns like the ones we all have purchased. I only upload favorite files to my Studio Library. Some want to store all of their files in Studio. Not uploading all of my pattern and cutting files is my preference because I feel as though some of the large files will slow down Studio when I first launch it.

You can download these files by clicking on the links under the pictures. I hope you have fun making them. I would love to see how you use these files so please share them with me and I'll make sure to post them. xxx-Debbie.

Mini Basket Download

Set 2 Strawberry Pattern Sample Only
Set 2 Diamonds in the Rough Pattern Sample Only

Strawberry and Diamond Pattern Download

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flip Flap Card Freebie

The newest file share can be downloaded by clicking on the link above the first picture. It's a fun and easy card to make plus, it goes in the mail very nicely since it's a nice flat card. I learned to make these some time ago but had always used my dies. I wanted to step it up and make it easy to put together by making a Studio file for all of you card crafting Silhouetters. Most new files will be shared at the Silhouette Learning Center but there are still lots of freebie in the Sharing Nook here. :-)

Each week I am attempting to make a freebie to share. This week's is a bit early since I'll be having company for the remainder of the week.

The instructions are included in the Zip file download. I hope you all get the chance to try making this card. It's one I've always had lots of fun making because, once you get the instructions down, it's fast and easy to make and sooo...cute. Using you Silhouette cutting machines makes it even faster. You can fill the image with your favorite patter or use one of your favorite papers. Below is the one I made using a Silhouette Studio pattern.

I'm sorry but I couldn't include the graphic. It is copyright protected. I purchased it from the now gone PCCrafter. It is the graphic set, "Unforgettable" by Tammy Sherman. The nice thing is; you can use any graphic of your choice. Since this is a Print and Cut file, you don't even need to do an auto trace on your image. Simply, add it and re-size it on the area provided

Flip Flap Card and Instructions Download

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two more hand made cards

These two birthday cards were made with another one of the Prima note card freebies and the Art Nouveau tag with the sentiment "Birthday Wishes" was shared by Tangles from Tangles Treasures. This tag is another one of her delightful freebies she shares so generously. Please check out her blog and web store to see even more. Her link is on the blogs I follow list.

The yellow roses are painted with shimmer water colors. These roses are also hand made with coffee filters. I posted instructions for them on the Silhouette Plus forum. I'll copy and paste them here too . They are quite sturdy little roses. The rest of the card was cut out using my Silhouette Cameo.

Inking the raw edges of the cards and tag is something I always like to do to get rid of the stark white edges. The tiny pearls were added for a bit of whimsy and the rhinestones are for the glamour of bling I like so much. The butterfly on the rose card is layered and the butterfly on the gold flowered card is a metal butterfly from a set of butterfly embellishments purchased at Michaels. Each of the leaves are inked.

I hope the details inspire you to make some cards or crafts. These wonderful freebies and the fact that we have six birthdays in the month of June inspired me to make these.

Thank you for stopping by and as always; thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Comments are what remind me of why I do a blog. Happy crafting everyone!

Here are some instructions for making the little coffee filter roses.

Grab some Allen's tacky glue, scissors, and your coffee filter and find the place where you like to relax. I sit out on my porch. Here we go. thumbsup 

1. To make several cuts at one time; place 2 to 3 filters on top of each other. I always cut away the sealed edges before I get started. Cut heart shapes about 1 inch tall by 3/4 of an inch wide. Pretty small hearts.

2. Add a dab of glue along the bottom edges, kind of in a "U" shape.

3. Twist the first petal (for the center rather tight to create the center of the rose)

4. Continue to add the petals one at a time and placing them in a position to create a rose shape. Twist and pinch at the pointed end, each time you add a petal.

5. Once the Allene's tacky glue is dry, cut the pointed bottom to make it flat.

6. Color the rose with water colors, Copics, Floral spray paint or just about anything that will give you the color you want. You can even color the petals before placing them together.

7. Use a skewer or something similar to curl the edges backwards.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prima Note Card Freebie

Marilou, one of the members on the Silhouette Plus forum shared a great find. Prima is on Facebook and they are sharing an entire free set of note cards. As soon as I saw them, I thought about making a card using their lovely note cards.

It was great to be able to convert the note cards to a Silhouette Studio cutting file. After I converted them I went to work making three tiny roses. The roses are made from coffee filters, and sprayed with floral spray paint. I usually make large roses from coffee filters but, I was in the mood for trying something different. I love Prima flowers but didn't have any leaves or roses on hand so it was time to get creative. When I make these tiny roses again, I think I will use water colors to color them. When coffee filter roses are water colored you have to wait for them to dry before adding a bit of shape to them. The background of the card is stamped with Stampin' Up " Love what we do" script stamp and the ink is VersaMagic chalk ink Jumbo Java.

Here's how this card turned out. I'm looking forward to giving it to my Aunt who is one of the most giving, thoughtful, and caring person I know. Woohoo! she will be here this week for a visit. I'm excited!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Panda Bear Cutie

I just finished drawing and uploading this zip file to the 4Shared to share with all of my silhouetting friends. The zip file contains a Studio paper piecing panda, a Studio Print and Cut, High resolution .jpeg and a high resolution .png file. I hope you all can use this.

You can download it by clicking on the link above the picture. Thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you on the Silhouette Plus forum or at the Silhouette Learning Center. Have a great crafty day!

Download the Panda Bear Zip File Here

How to Get High Quality Prints from Studio

Ink sure expensive these days and it is really frustrating when we see this beautiful image in Studio but when we go and print it out we didn't get what we saw on the computer screen. One of our brilliant Silhouette Plus members found this terrific work around all of this mess. Her name on the forum is Cleversomeday but I think she is brilliant every day. Here is her link: Clever Someday You will find lots of helpful and useful information by visiting her blog. When you stop by there; I know you will want to subscribe

My HP printer seems to do a pretty good job most of the time printing nice color images from within Studio but, I have had those occasional..."What is this lack luster print!" My Brother laser printer seems to have more issue getting me the print I want. I was going a long way around to convert files then, woohoo! Cleversomeday (Kay) shared with us this terrific program that easily does all of the work and the prints are WONDERFUL!

Here is an informational video I made so you can learn more about this terrific free program.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great day everyone! 

Ooops....Single line font boo-boo

My family tells me all of the time I burn too many candles at both ends. Sometimes this shows up in my typing and other things. One of the visitors to the was kind enough to email me to let me know the lower case d was missing from the Studio single line font. If you downloaded this alpha, please download it again by clicking on this link:

AR Decode Alpha Zip File Download 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Single Line Alphabet

Cleversomeday from the Silhouette Plus Forum shared this wonderful find called RapidResizer. This awesome software is a free online Raster to Vector program. I am now able to easily convert fonts to a single line alphabet which is fantastic for sketching those sentiments. Please check out her blog to learn more. I promise it is worth the trip to visit her blog. She has so much there totally worth exploring around.Here is the link to her blog:
Cleversomeday Blog

Check this out! this is one of my many favorite fonts.The font is the AR Decode font Bryan W from the forum s shared some time ago. It's one of my favorites. What I did after I converted it to .dxf was to open the .dxf file in Studio, release the compound path, group each individual letter, then select Make Compound Path. I also was able to easily create a .svg file but I forgot to add it to the zip file. Later on I will try to remember to do this and share it again. If you would like this font that is all ready to use in Studio for the Silhouette cutting machines, you can download it by clicking on this link:Single Line Alpha for Sketching Download Download

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sketching Fun

Ever since I received a great little gift from Sue Reynolds (maker of HotPaws pent tool) I've been creating sketch files to play with. The angel I had drawn from a sticker my grandaugther had and the ballerina I had drawn from a coloring page she had.

When I create these, I try to make several different types of files. These have a .png color file, .jpeg color file,(both 72 and 300dpi), a sketch for Studio, sketch .svg, sketch .dxf. Hopefully this will cover all of the different file formats everyone uses for various cutting machines.The colored images can be auto traced if you prefer not to sketch them.

Below are the pictures of the angel and ballerina. If you would like to have these files; I've zipped them with all of the different file formats like dxf, .svg. and Studio. I hope you like these sketch files and can use them for one of your crafty creations.

The first picture of the angel was sketched with my new HotPaws pen tool and colored with Copics. I love how easy it is to use this pen tool and now I can use my Stardust Gelly Roll pens!...woohoo! Thank you Sue Reynolds. To get your HotPaws Pen tool, click on this link HotPaws Pen Tool

Angel Sketch Download for Studio only

Ballerina Sketch and Color Zip File Download

Sketched with the HotPaws pen tool and colored with Copics

Also sketched with the HotPaws pen tool and colored with Copics.

The color image file looks like this .

Picture of the color image file