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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Notes and Discoveries - The New Studio 3.0.351 Update

Today as promised the newest Studio 3.0.532  update was released. Silhouette had already let us know in advance this new update was not a "fix all" update. I wanted to make sure to remind all of us whom may still be having some issues to continue to be patient while the Silhouette programmers continue to work away.

I was thilled to get a little bit of an early sneak peek of the software so I played around for a while and made some notes to share with all of you.

For the most part I'm pretty please with some of the discoveries and will be patient while I await other issue to be addressed. The wonderful thing about Silhouette support and the programmers for Silhouette is; they listen and care about the input we give them. With all of the videos and emails I send them they always reply with a kind thank you and show of appreciation for what I'm trying to do. They feel this way about all of their customers and value our feedback. I would have thought by now I would have driven them

If you would like to see a list of all the issues Silhouette has addressed you can check them out by clicking on this link : Studio V 3.0.531 Release Notes They addressed so very many of our concerns and bug reports. Speaking for myself; I was already pleased with the new cut by layers, line color, fill color, the new Arc tool, Nesting feature and some of the other things added that I honestly never had any major complaints but I know many have had some not so nice issues they were dealing with. I hope the fixes for all you is in this update.

Before this release I wasn't able to do a TWAIN scan with my HP 6500 series scanner. The great news is I can now scan using TWAIN. I've read on the forum; some Mac users are still having issues with TWAIN scanning. I'm sure it is complicated and difficult for programmers to work around all of the operating systems but I have faith they will eventually get it all worked out.

The other issue I discovered recently was during a file save. The file I was trying to save is rather large (4 MB) and has a lot of intricate detailed line art. When I try to save it, it will show a working bar that says "Generating Cut Job" then when I click anywhere inside of Studio I get the message "Studio Not Responding" this causes me to have to go to the Task Manager and close out of Studio. I end up getting a temporary file saved but it won't open the cut file I tried to save. Any other files have saved just fine. I made a video and reported this to Silhouette Support just in case others may have the same issue. I was finally able to save it as a V2 file but really wanted to have it has a V3 file.

Another change.... we use to be able to use the Control + Click and Drag method to duplicate a shape. We can still do this but it has changed to Alt + Click and Drag. The Control + Click and Drag will now bring up the "Transfer Properties/Eye Dropper Tool", I like having this short cut but know many of my old videos show using this short cut to duplicate a shape by clicking and dragging; again no big deal because the word will get around. One more neat thing is the ability to duplicate text and shapes by using the Control + Arrow Keys. The arrow you choose will duplicate the test or shape in that direction. Pretty neat. biggrin

I created a PDF file with all of the short cuts and highlighted the new ones. Some of these shortcuts come in real handy. If you would like to grab this to have a shortcut resource you can download it here:  Silhouette Studio Shortcuts I apologize to all those whom use Macs for not making a PDF file for all of you. As you all probably know by now I'm a PC user. I think those of you whom use Macs can substitute many of the shortcuts with the Command key and other familiar Mac keys to do the same things. I also discovered later in my explorations that the Control + Arrow Keys not only moved text but shape so in the PDF it will only show it's used for moving shapes.

So far I have really enjoyed seeing the how many bugs have been fixed. I know this newest release was not promised to be a "fix all" but Silhouette sure did a great job addressing so many issues. I know they will continue to work on making this the very best cutting software we can own. I believe positive thoughts will bring positive things and our feedback has helped out Silhouette America so much. Isn't it nice to know we are appreciated.biggrin

Have a blessing filled day everyone,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Calling All CB09 Blade Holder and Blade Users - A Great Share!

I'm so excited to be able to share this wonderful idea that Pete; one of the Silhouette Plus forum members hsared on the forum. I wrote to him to ask his permission to share his brilliant idea here on my blog. When some wonderful share comes out I try to make sure I share it here.

for those of you whom struggle with the settings for the CB09; Pete has come up with a solution. I've basicaly left my setttings the same for every cut due to the fact I was never sure exaclt how much of the bald to expose. For this reason I do everything as a double cut which works out beautfiully but now I'm anxious to try Pete's wonderful idea. Below I've copied and pasted his post and I'll also be sharing the photos he took and the cutting file download link for the file he so kindly made for our CB09 blade holders.

"I thought this might be a handy idea for all of that use the CB09 blade. I just got mine, and decided to try to make things easier for myself.

I thought maybe I can replicate the numbers on the Silhouette blade, and make it easier to adjust.

I divided the top knurled screw into sets of 4 grooves as suggested by lots of people and then measured the circumference of the top of the body. (sounds technical, but in reality I wrapped a bit of paper round).

When I had done this, I divided the paper into the amount needed, marked lines at the top and printed numbers underneath, and stuck it to the barrel, making sure that the blade was set to no depth. It doesn’t matter where you align the zero, but when done, make sure you know where by marking it in some way before moving it.

I'm sorry if this explanation is a bit brief, but I have enclosed a picture which may explain what I mean, together with a few markers for you to cut and use, including a couple of spares, if you get in a mess like I did.

Bear in mind that as you are moving the knurled screw at the top, and not the barrel of the blade, the rotation will be clockwise!"

Here is the link to download the cutting file template Pete shared: Cut Blade Sttings Template - Studio File

Many thanks to Pete for allowing me to share this very helpful file and information here on my blog. Happy Crafting Everyone!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Update About the Wonderful CB09 Blade Holder and Blades

***Please take a look at the update below. A new Ebay dealers link is posted and what a great deal. Updated again: 06/08/2014. :) I decided to re-post this blog in hopes of getting everyone updated with a new link with an even better price.

I am so happy! I've been using a blade holder I purchased from Ebay for several weeks but didn't want to share this news until I used it for several weeks. I decided to buy this after going through 4, yes, 4 expensive Silhouette Ratchet blades in a short time. I probably used 4 blades in a little over a month. Two of the Silhouette Ratchet blades were destroyed after hubby and I made attempts to clean out the blade housing. As much as I love my Silhouette cutting machines I can not say the same for the faulty and expensive ratchet blades. The Silhouette Ratchet blades had become a sore spot with me. They are expensive, should be much easier to clean, and should not dull as quickly as they have dulled.

When looking around for other blades I found the Ebay dealer who sold the CB09 blade holders. The blade replacements come out to only $2.83 (now only $1.70 per blade). When I first started using the blade holder I wasn't too pleased, but this was my lack of knowledge.  I spoke to my friend Kim from Scraps of Faith. She told me she loved her blade holder and blades. She was beyond frustrated with the Silhouette Ratchet blades and said she is so happy with the CB09 and will never go back to the faulty and expensive ratchet blades. Kim told me she set it to double cut and no matter what the setting she was able to get great cuts. She also told me she never changed her settings. So, I set up a CB09 blade setting of Speed- 4, Thickness - 32, and Blade - 5 and Double Cut with only exposing a rather small amount of the blade. If you purchase these blades use some scrap paper to make some test cuts to get your blade just the way you want it.

 I used the above blade settings because I use fairly heavy card stock most of the time. I have cut all sorts of card stock weights with these settings. It's worked out wonderfully! I did change the blade depth and settings when I used the 60 degree blade to cut some light weight chipboard. I exposed more of the blade by turning the black knob at the top of the CB09 blade holder to a depth slightly deeper than the depth of the chipboard I slowed the speed down to 1, the blade depth to 10, and the thickness to 33 and of course, double cut.This chipboard was heavier than a cereal box weight. The results were impressive with a nice clean cut.

At first, I thought I made a big mistake purchasing the CB09. I actually purchased two of them. One to hold the 45 degree blade and one to hold the 60 degree blade. I opened the first holder and discovered it didn't fit nicely into the blade holder housing. I grabbed some sanding paper and gently sanded the area which fits into the blade holder housing. After a little sanding I got it to fit perfectly into the slot. Recently, I used the 60 degree blade and this blade holder fit without any sanding.

If it wasn't for my friend Kim I would have given up on this wonderful blade holder. I told her when I first used it the blade did a great job, but after making some adjustments to the blade settings it was awful! She told me she never changed her blade settings and just kept it on double cut. I thought, oh my, I have to set everything to double cut. Well, at the cost of the 4 Silhouette ratchet blades gone bad I would either have to give up using my cutting machine or try the CB09 holder again. Guess what? I did what Kim asked me to try and I'm in love with these blade holders. I've cut and cut and cut some more. Every time I get beautiful, clean cuts. The intricate lace like cuts are fabulous! It's so worth the extra time it takes to set it to double cut.

The new link I shared below is a blade holder with 10 blades are $28.00. The 60 degree blade is supposed to be for more intricate cuts, but honestly, the 45 degree blade did just fine.If you buy from this seller you can purchase replacement blades at 10 for &17.00. This only comes out to $1.70 per blade. What a bargain! Oh, It also includes FREE SHIPPING and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Here is a link to the Ebay dealer where you can purchase yours: UPDATED LINK 6/08/2014I've never ordered from here, but the link for the product sold by Liu was broken.  I hope everyone who makes this purchase loves this blade holder and blades as much as I do. Ebay CB09 Blade Holder and Blades

Please make sure to check out Gayle blog Ligaya's Creativity Zone to learn even more about these wonderful blade holders. She has a wonderful in depth, fully detailed blog about these blade holders.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Making A Shape to Something New & Faux Rhinestone Tutorial

Today I made a new video showing how some of the designs we already own in our Studio libraries can be used to make other designs. I also briefly covered the "Nesting" tool in this video.

I also have a couple of other things to share. One is about making your own faux bling and the other is about some future plans.

A little persoal news; my degree in Visual Communications hasn't taken me too far in the work force. I've been searching for a job and then realized I needed to go into something that is in more demand so I retuned to college to get another degree in Medical Administration. Currently, I am two classes away from getting a certification and only a few more away from my degree. Many of the courses I had already taken applied so this left with with just a few classes to take. Hopefully, I'll be returning to the work force and be able to contribute to our household finances. When this happens I know I'll have less or very littel time to blog andmake videos. I'll miss it a lot and really miss those I have bonded with through my blog and videos. Thankfully, the Silhouette Plus forum has one wonderful Co-Admin who is most capable of taking this over. She handled everything while I was away fro the past eight months. Gayle (Cut-It-Out) is a lovely, intelligent person and so is Diane and Debby the awesome moderators of the forum. I wouldn't have known what to do about the forum if she wouldn't have agreed to take over as the Co-Admin and Diane and Debby as the wonderful moderators they are. These ladies use their valuable time to keep the forum running and I love and appreciate them all so much for all they do.

Time for the video on Making A Shape to Something New. Below the video is the tutorial for making faux rhinestones.

This next fun thing is for those whom love to bling things up. Have you ever found yourself out of some of that pretty rhinestone bling and just knew the added bling would make a card or scrapbook page? You never have to run out again if you have or buy these supplies.

This is not a good picture but the rhinestones look great. I used some of the paper I had sved from my Glue Dots to place the rhinestones on. As you can see I already used some of them. 

High Gloss Silver Mirrored Board

3D Crystal Lacquer or Glossy Accents

Aleen's Tack It Over and Over

Adirondack Alcohol Inks  or any brand of your choosing including your ProMarkers, Copics or other alcohol based markers.

The metal board is rather thick so I had to set the cut setting to chipboard and do a double cut. On a piece of slick paper or you can use freezer paper add a tiny dab of Aleene's Tack It Over and Over. This will be the place for you to place your metal board shapes once the Aleen's Tack It Over and Over it sets up a little.

After you have placed the cut shapes on your Aleen's glue dots you can color them wih an alcohol ink ( I used some Copics) or leave them silver. Cover the shapes with the 3D Crystal Lacquer or Glossy Accents. Let it dry and wait to see your lovely new faux rhinestones.

Happy Crafting Everyone! biggrin

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Creating Pop Ups and Paper

Before I became ill with this horrible stomach bug I was busy palying, designing, and creating. I have made several of the "Dangle Pop Up" cards for graduation and my wonderful Mom a Mother's Day card. As I prepare to make a video on how to create pop up card files I thought I would start by shoowing how to create the "Pop Up Stairs" card you will see below.

My mind has been wondering everywhere so I also made a video on how to customize you Silhouette Studio patterns and make your own. You can check out the newest video "Two Power Softwares - Photoshop and Studio" by clicking on the link. I didn't want to post this video here because I have so many pictures to share.

Donation Pop Up Card and Freebie Pop Up Card

It's been a long time since I've created a file for donation. I was inspired by a video I watched to create this cutting file. As you all know, I spend a lot of time creating cutting files and always test cut them before I share them. After I do this I photograph them and share almost all of my files for free. The file " Pop Up Dangle Card" will be emailed to all whom would like to make a donation as my way of thanking them for their kindness and support. I use the money I receive from donations to buy crafting supplies and other things I may need to continue to create and share. This file contains .svg, Studio V2, and Studio V3 files and a link to some video instructions on how to put it together. t folds nice and lfat so it will be easy for mailing

Don't worry, if you don't want or can't make a donation I still have a little goody for you. I made this cutting file in prepartion of making a new video to teach others on how to make pop up cards. Making the video is still a work in progress because making the time with a quiet home is not always I know many of you know what I'm talking about. Here is the link to download the pop up freebie:" Pop Up Stair Card". This file is only in the Studio 3 version. Converting files to .svg and other formats has become rather tedious using my old Windows XP. Pretty soon, all of you will be making your very own pop up card. The little kitty reminds me of our quicny cat. He loves yarn so I rolled a little piece of embroidery thread on a toothpick and added it to the stairs.

These first two pictures are the sample ones I made while I figured out the adjustments.Sorry about the blurry picture. I dropped my glasses and abviously it looked clear to

Pop Up Dangle Graduation Bear

Front of Pop Up Dangle MOther's Day Card
Pop Up Blue Bird Inside Mother's Day Card
Front of Finished Graduation Card

Inside of Finished Graduation Card. Her High School logo and mascot is the North Huskies.