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Please be fair and give credit where credit is due, in turn, I will always make an effort to give credit to my resources and link them appropriately. Thank you for your consideration.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Designs and Lots of Help at the New Silhouette Plus Forum

I am so surprised how the forum is quickly growing. We are blessed to have so many members who have wonderful ideas and the place is loaded with talent. Some new forums have been added to the Silhouette Plus forum. We have two computer "nerds" and cutting machine gurus who have a vast knowledge of computers and cutting machines. They have so kindly offered to be our "Ask the Experts"in the "Ask DeeAnn and Sandi"  forum. Thank you DeeAnn and Sandi.

You can find so many things at this forum. There are free cutting file shares, photo tips, craft idea shares. freebie forum and so on. Sign up to become a member. You won't be sorry.

Here is the link to sign up:

Here are some of the latest file shares I posted: Some of these files are bonus files for "In With  A Buzz" members. These are members who have made 50 posts.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Chat Forum for Silhouette Users and Crafters

Right now I go to a Silhouette users group with Yahoo. My friends and I sometimes get lost in there. I love the way chat forums are set up with categories so, I started one with all sorts of topics. It will be a place to share lots of fun ideas, tips, techniques, and fun.

If you want to sign up or just check it out; here is the link. I would love to see you there.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Paper Flower Passion

One of the many things I like to do in the crafting world is to make paper flowers. This is the story of how I met my friend Pancake who shares the same passion for making paper flowers. She is eighty-five years old and holds a special place in my heart.

Our crafting relationship began with a bouquet of roses I made to bring some Spring cheer to my former place of employment. The awesome ladies I worked with just loved the flowers and wanted them displayed on the front counter of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles; of all One day my friend went in to do some BMV business and noticed the bouquet of roses. She asked the girl at the counter; who made them. They told her one of the girls who just recently got laid off. Pancake asked them if she could have my phone number so she could call me. Due to privacy they told her she could leave a note with her phone number and they would make sure I received it do I could give her a call.

The note was passed around from one place to another and finally ended up at another BMV.Almost ane entire year had passed since Pancake wrote this note. One day, it was finally given to the right person. I loved the little note and could hardly wait to call the lady named Pancake. When I called her she was so very happy and surprised. She told me she thought; I just wasn't interested in talking to her about paper flowers and she would add to her prayersevery day for God to please send her someone with the same passion for flowers. Boy,oh boy was she wrong about me not wanting to meet her. She and I talked for the longest time on the phone, then we made arrangement to meet.  It was a Tuesday morning when we met for the first time and the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

We have spent hours upon hours creating paper flowers.We take nature walks to look at flowers, keep every magazines, catalog, and anything else with pictures of flowers. All of this to bring our creation of paper flowers to a higher level. Of course, there is no competition when it comes to crafters and God. His creations never cease to amaze both of us. We often wonder; when we meet our maker if we could be part of the crafting and creating angels. Wouldn't this be wonderful!  We continue to practice different techniques to create a variety of paper flowers.

Pancake, lives in a small retirement commnity. All of the ladies whom live there share in such a beautiful sisterhood ther. The ladies share and care so much and they leave only doors away. They will tap on the door one time and let themselves in. All of them love our paper flowers. They will pop in just to see what we had created for the day. One lady comes by a couple of times a month; brings a small vase, asks for three roses. Pancake will take three of our roses, put them in the vase, add a little greenery and some artificial baby's breath. The lady always thanks her and leaves three dollars on the table. Pancake has told her; it is not necessary to leave any money because she takes them to the hospitals for terminally ill patients. The lady always insists. Pancake, donates it to her church. Now, isn't this just the sweetest thing!

I probably made this way too long for reading but; I get excited talking about our paper flower relationship which has blossmed into a beautiful relationship. My dear friend Pancake is so adorable, and so easy to love. Here are a few pictures of the flowers we have made.

Since these pictures have been taken. Pancake and I have worked on new techniques to create better looking Mums, Dahlias and Gerbera Daisies. Most important; we continue to have fun and enjoy the time we spend together.


A collection of our test flowers.

A pretty spread of vining roses.

Pancake :-)

My first yellow rose.

My first Mum.

My first Gerbera Daisy. We sure have come a long way in making these better looking and easier.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wiggles For Cards, Crafts and Scrapbooks

These are the funnest little things to add to your hand crafted cards and scrapbooks. I have been adding them to my cards for years. They sure can bring a card or a page to life with their interactive jiggly ways. These little "Wiggles"; bring lots of smiles and giggles. If you want to check out what I am writing about click on the links below. Try them out. If you get a kick out of them; please let me know. It is so nice to share things like this. I would love to hear back from you so, please leave a comment. Comments make my heart go pitter-pat.

Check out what Wiggles do for cards

Tutorial on How to Make Wiggles

Woohoo! My Petey the Pirate Hit the Big Times

I was so excited today when I received an email from Artfire; telling me that one of my paper piecing/tear bears was selected by the forum as on of the pieces curated by Seabreezejeweles to be a part of the collection "A Pirates Life for Me!". I love Petey. He is one of the tear bears I had the most fun making. He sold really fast. Of course, I can always make little junior Petey but, the original Petey holds a special place in my heart.

It is such an honor to be selected for this collection by my artist peers. I would like to share this with all of my blog readers and to thank Artfire. You can check out Petey and the rest of the collection by clicking on the side bar on the left.

Thanks for popping in and checking things out. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Tutorials for Silhouette Studio

Today was a busy day. I was able to get a couple more Silhouette Studio tutorials loaded up on YouTube, clean the house, cook a nice dinner for my hubby and a dear friend who hates to cook. The dinner turned out well. I hope everyoe thinks the new tutorials did too.

I am such a visual person. When I decided to make these tutorials my hubby gave me that look. All of you who are married probably know this look. All in all, I am excited. the tutorials have been a help to people with Silhouettes. I want everyone to enjoy their Silhouettes as much as I do.

Time for me to go finish up some Valentine cards. Can you believe it is almost the middle of February. What is so bad; I haven't finished my Valentine cards to get out tomorrow. It is going to be a late night.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Silhouette Cutting Machine Design, Video Tutorials, and More

Wow! I t has been a long time since I have been here. I have been keeping myself busy with all sorts of crafts and projects. One of my newest endeavors has been to make tutorials. Recently, some of my friends have purchased the Silhouette SD cutting machines after seeing the things I have done with mine. Silhouette America has the most recent version of the Silhouette Studio Software available here:

Silhouette Studio Software Download

Okay, now that I have this out of the way I would like to share some of the mini tutorials I have been making to help all of you new users out. I wish I could make them longer so I wouldn't have to make so many but the software I use stops me after the file gets to a certain size. I hope you find these useful. Please check back for more Silhouette and crafting tutorials.

My Silhouette Studio Mini tutorials