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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Whole Lot of Crafting, Card Making and Sharing Going On

It has been a busy week of card making, crafting, and trying some new things. Thanks to Linda from Linda Lucine's Blogspot. I've had the opportunity to make a really cool Venetian blind card. She has just started her new blog and yet she has shared templates and wonderful tutorials for a Waterfall card, Venetian blind card, Spinner card, and the cutest gum wrapper. You have to go take a peek at

Some of the projects I've done this week include Linda's really cool Venetain blind card. Fio, from CraftandSmile blog gave us all on the Silhouette Plus group a really cool Swing Card template. She also shares a lot of ideas and inspirations on her blog. Here is a link to her Swing card:

The Bunny In a Basket has some added things too. I decided to make a cutting file to make a cup treat holder. The back of the bunny is made by cutting out an extra oval from the cutting file. I just temporarioly removed the basket and duplicated the oval. The feet were just quick and easy cut outs I made. The bunnies pads were made with the left over ovals from the treat holder cup.

Oh, I also made another quilled wedding card and have another quilling project in mind. Quilling really is relaxing.

As many of you know I love making tear bears/ paper piecings. The Bear In A Box template was inspired by a request from one our wonderful group memebers. She found a card with a Bear In A Box on it and wanted to make one herself. I hade made one of these in the past using a tear bear. As soon as I saw her post I went to work to create a .jpeg template for those who want to hand cut and a cutting file for Silhouette users. check out the Silhouette Pus group and join in the file shares, tip, tutorials, and fun.

So, this is what I've done this week. How about you?

Here are some look-sees of what has been going on in my good ol' craft room this week. You will need to click on the pictures of the Swing card, Bear In A Box Card, and the Waterfall Card to see them move.

Click On The Pic. Below

Click On The Pic. Below

Click On The Pic. Below

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Easter Bunny In A Basket Treat Holder

Another day getting us closer to Easter and all of the Easter plans we will be making. I thought this would be a nice favor to add to your holiday table or basket . When I design and make these I'm never sure who will like them, but it doesn't stop me. If even one person would like it and can use it; this makes me feel good. My life is blessed and so many people have shared their ideas, inspirations, and love for crafting. It is fun to give back.

Over the years I have learned so much. This cutting file is just a tiny "Pay It Forward". The bunny and the basket are my original designs. You may share this with anyone you wish to share it with. My mother taught me; good things, or things we enjoy are meant to share.

The embellishments were punched out and the shadows of the basket and facial features were done with Copics, micron and gel pens. If you have any questions; please don't hesitate to send me an email.

 Remember, you have to cut out two of the baskets on your Silhouette to make it a pouch to hold items. If you want the template for hand cutting; please send me a message.

Have a wonderful  up coming Easter and Happy Crafting. Below you will find a picture of the Bunny In A Basket Treat Holder and a link to the download. Hugs, Debbie

Here is the link to download the template:

Using a Card Cutting file Along with Some Quilling

It had been a long time since I quilled. After sitting back and feeling so relaxed as I turned the quilling tool; I wondered why it had been so long since I had done any quilling. After today I will remember how enjoyable it was and do more of it..I

The finished card isn't designated to be anything yet. I placed a pouch on the backof it to hold a gift card or money. Most likely I'll save this one for a wedding. My plans are to make a pretty box to match it.

The nice thing about being a crafter is the learning, sharing, and being able to jump all over the place with various arts, mediums, and crafts. Who knows what I'll be making tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Having Fun Making Silhouette Studio Cutting Files

Another Silhouette day and I've been buys making box and card cutting files. I share them for free on the Silhouette Plus forum but today I thought I would go ahead and give the link to the Bag Box cutting file. This is a cute little gift bag. I used some left over scrap paper to embellish it. The little flap that holds it closed isn't in the cutting file neither are the flowers at the bottom. I used a punch to make this. Sometimes when I 'm making sample projects I just throw them together with things laying around on my craft table.

I hope you can use this file. I know over time we collect sooo many files and we're never sure of what we have or don't have. I make a seperate folder for each of my designs and take a screen shot of them or a picture of the finished project.After I do this I create a new folder and name it the name of the cutting file. Once this is done I drop the cutting file and the picture of the cutting file into the folder. When I go to view my Silhouette Studio cutting files I always choose thumbnail view; this way I can see exactly what cutting file I'm using. When cutting files are added to the SS library you  can also see what the cutting file looks like. The reason I don't upload all of my cutting files to the SS library is; I don't want the program itself bogged down to the point of taking forever to open.

If you grab this file don't forget to snag the picture too. It is always nice to see what we are cutting without having to open it first. I hope this helps you enjoy your cutting file system a little bit more.

Here is the link to the cutting file:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Silhouette File Shares and Recently Made Cards

I love designing cutting files. Most of them I have test cut. With all kinds of crafting going on they sure come in handy. I was given a template by a very sweet lady and I made another Easter PNC cut file. I couldn't stop there; so I made more. Here are some of the recent files I uploaded to the Silhouette Plus forum.

I haven't added this cut file yet. This is a card I made for my step-dad. He lives in Texas and loves anything western.

I have one more card to add. This one is my first Gate card. I had some problems with sizing on this one. For some reason it fit into the cut area but would not cut correctly. It took me three times to get it right. I haven't shared this file until I can figure out waht the issue is. The issue might be me.

Come stop by and join our friendly little group. We would love to have you there.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Silhouette Easter

Easter is just arond the corner and I've been busy working on some Print and Cut paper piecing cutting files. Wow, describing this was longer than I thought. You have to come and check  out the new Silhouette Plus group forum, become am member and share in lots of free files, helpful information and just some good ol' chat. Here is the cutting file of a paper piecing bunny I recently designed and shared with our group members. Isn't she cute :-)