All of my cutting file shares are free. Please do not redistribute or sell what I freely share. These cutting file shares are for personal use only.

Please be fair and give credit where credit is due, in turn, I will always make an effort to give credit to my resources and link them appropriately. Thank you for your consideration.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Check this out

One of our sweet and generous members over at the Silhouette Plus forum has shared this darling bookmark cutting file. Many of us could use a bookmark for ourselves or to gift to someone else. I love this design.

Barb is always so giving. She has lots of wonderful cutting files to share. To get the instructions and the download for this file, check out her blog and take a look around at all of her lovely things. Here is the link to her blog

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quilling with the Cameo

This morning I wanted to sit outside on  our screened in porch and enjoy the beauty of the morning. I sit outside almost every morning. On this morning I decided to relax and get creative.

I had some white quilling strip but it wasn't going to be enough to make a little angel. I took off for my Cameo and filled the page with 1/8 of an inch strips and let the Cameo cut away. I was thrilled to not have to go to the craft store to buy more quilling strips. They came out perfect! All I had to do is use a tiny dab of glue and glue the strips end to end to make longer strips.

The angel is less than 1 1/2 inches tall. The face is quilled but I wanted her to have some eyelashes, hair, and lips so I went back to my sweet! Cameo , used the zoom tool, then used the ellipse tool to draw a circle less than 1/4 of an inch, then I used the other tools in Studio to draw a tiny face. The face was read to be sent to the printer, reg. marks set and once again, the Cameo did an amazing job cutting out this tiny little face. I could have cut out the circle and drawn a face by hand but I wanted to see if the Cameo would do it. I test my Cameo all of the time and that sweet cutting machine always comes through.

The little quilled roses were the most tedious of making this angel. If you decide to try making your won quilled angel, wait until you have the angel all made then take your time quilling the roses.

Time to go hug my Cameo for doing such a great job. Thanks for stopping by, I'll be over at the Silhouette Plus forum, or making some new YouTube videos showing some techniques, tips, and tricks of the Studio software. If I can get my hubby to help out; I'll try to make a couple of videos on quilling.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Dime Size Challenge

I love to quill if I'm sitting around watching t.v. Recently I quilled some turtles. After they were seen. I was given a challenge to make one the size of a dime. Well, guess what? I made TWO.....woohoo! The best part was; I used my brain for the second one. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the teeny tiny hexagons that go on the back of the turtles.

The Silhouette Cameo never cease to amaze me on its accuracy, detail, and the sizes it can cut. In the future when I go to quill miniatures, it's going to be a lot more fun using my sweet Cameo. I can even cut my own quilling paper...oh yeah...this requires another ...Wooohooo!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be posting more real soon. Have a Happy Crafting sort of day.

Here are some more quilled turtles

Monday, May 21, 2012

Friend Card Swap Card

This is one of the "Friends" cards I've made for the Silhouette Plus card swap. I used the animal cutting files I shared here. The sentiment on front says; " As friends, it's what we have in common that brought us together. It's the differences that make being friends even more fun." The inside of the card is lined with a light yellow paper and has a sparkly flower on it.

Card swaps are a lot of fun. I sure hope we have a lot more over at the forum.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making My Own Sketch Pen Holder

Necessity is the Mother of Invention, I've been told and today, I experienced it. I've been working with writing n my own hand writing to try out with the Silhouette Sketch Pens. I have plenty of them.

Today, when I went back,set up everything on my Cameo for sketching; I was so disappointed to learn they were not sketching very well. I had them for a while but, when I tested them on paper they were writing fine. Once I placed them into the Cameo they produced some pretty poor sketching results. I thought, perhaps there was something wrong with the cutting file I made out of my own hand writing but couldn't give up.

I decided after trying a couple of the old Silhouette Sketch pens to take another avenue and try something different. Staring at me were some Inc. Elementz metallic gel pens. I love these pens! I thought...hmmmm, how can I get these to work. I don't have a pen holder. The next thing I knew I was taking apart the non-working Silhouette Sketch pen , then I took apart the Inc. Elementz  metallic gel pens. Below is a picture of the various pens I tried using this method. The instructions are in the Sharing Nook on the left hand side of this page.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Huggies the Zebra

Okay....this is it my second try at drawing an .svg file. I made an .svg, Studio file and of course a .jpeg file so you can have a picture of the cutting file. If you would like to try Huggies out, you can find him  on the left hand side under the Sharing Nook cutting file shares in the animal link.

If you get the chance to cut this file; would you please let me know how it worked for you.

Thanks everyone!

Experimenting with Making SVG files

I love to share files to help take off some of the expenses of crafting. Not that I still don't purchase plenty of graphics and cutting files ( actually, I a a graphic/clipart addict) but I do enjoy making my own and sharing them. I know other cutting machine users can only open .svg files so when I share my Studio cutting files, they are missing out on some of the freebies. I decided to try and make some .svg cutting files. This is all pretty new to me, it be a while before I  will be able to share any .svg files. So far, all I've made is a simple bear. Okay, back to the drawing board and keeping my fingers crossed.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Newest Sweet Treat

I made this border today and have already test cut it.Getting on the ball I hope it comes in handy for your celebration cards and scrapbook pages. It is in the Sharing Nook cutting files under the link of borders. Below is a picture of the border adhered to a piece of yellow card stock.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finally, the picture...

In an earlier post I said I would post a picture of the card I made with the giraffe cutting file I designed. Making  this one card has me ready to get busy on the entire set. They would be in the making if this house would just clean itself. :-)

Stained Glass Window

Below is a picture of the cutting file I just made this morning. It's in the Sharing Nook under Household and Misc. cutting files. I would love to see what you do with this one.

Monday, May 14, 2012

It's a Zoo Around Here

I can't seem to stop making some Print and Cut animals. I guess eventually I'll have a complete zoo of fuzzy furry's from the animal kingdom.

Oops, I want to mention, in the Print and Cut files is one happy monkey or maybe unhappy monkey since all of his new buddies are in the animal files. I wasn't sure whether to put them all in the Print and Cut downloads or the animals. So the poor little monkey is all alone in the Print and Cut folder but here are a couple of pictures of two of my newest animal Print and Cut graphics I wanted to share with all of you. They will be waiting for you in the animal download file with the giraffe. She'll be glad to have the company. :-)

 As soon as I get a chance to take a picture of the giraffe card I made, I'll share how it turned out. I hope these come in handy for your card and scrapbook creations. Have a happy crafting day.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Organizing and Sharing

Hi everyone, I've been busy trying to organize this place a little bit better. One of the new things I added was the "Sharing Nook" . It's over on the right side, below the Silhouette Plus blinkie. Inside these pages you will find links to all of my shared cutting files and a link that takes you to my YouTube channel where you'll find some helpful video tutorials.

The one thing I enjoy about my blog is being able to share lots of free crafting things. Crafting can get expensive with all of those fun crafty things we just have to . Being able to share some freebies and share them here is a way for me to give back to the crafting community. I continue to be inspired by other blogs and all of the creativity I find. Over the years lots of you and other crafters have taught me a lot. This is my way of giving back. I hope you can use some of the things I've shared and get a chance to come visit often as I add to the Sharing Nook. Happy Crafting everyone! :-)

Here is a picture of the most recent Print and Cut I designed. The download is in the Sharing Nook.

**I almost forgot to add a little tip. For those of you who like to paper piece you can ungroup this file and move each piece around.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who Can Resist Borders

Borders add so much to a card or scrapbook page. After years of buying lots and lots of punches, I finally decided to create my own borders with the Silhouette Studio program. I've made quite a few over the years. Below are the download links for the two newest ones.

I hope you get a chance to use these and find they come in handy for your cards and scrapbook pages. Please let me know if you ever have any problems with the cutting files I share. I'll be happy to see how I can make it better.

XXX -Debbie

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Every Holiday Wheel Card

How many of us have forgotten a good friend or family members birthday, or forgot to send them a Christmas card. I sure have and it always makes me fell just horrible. We get so busy in our every day lives it can be easy to forget anything but it sure hurts when we forget to send Happy wishes to those we love and care about. No more of those embarrassing days for me. I designed the perfect wheel card to make this a thing of the past.

This "Wheel Card" will cover us for any of those times we forget. As the wheel on the side of the card turns it will read something different. Each turn of the wheel says; Happy Easter, Happy Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Mother's Day. This card covers most of the important days we celebrate with friends and family.

You can download the free Studio cutting file by clicking on the link: Every Holiday Wheel Card Download
I hope if you get the chance to make one of these you will share it with me.

These pictures show a couple of the holidays so you can get an idea of what it looks like when the wheel is turned. I'm also including the sentiment I wrote for inside the card. It's also a part of the cutting file.

P.S. This card is also going to be my entry into the "Bling" card challenge on the Silhouette Plus forum. The picture really doesn't show how blinged up it really is. I used heart rhinestones for around the window, the front tag has 2 baguette rhinestones on each side and 4 green rhinestones in each corner. The vines are all light green rhinestones, each center of the flower has various shades of pink crystals, and each flower and leaf was painted with Pearlescent water colors then glitter was added. It may be a bit of overkill on the bling but, it is a bling it all up challenge.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dragon Cutting File

I found this ferocious dragon over at Cannon Park. I thought it would be fun for a decoration or for kids to have a cute paper toy. After I found this dragon by Ayumu Seito I converted the PDF to a .jpeg file then converted it to a Studio cutting file. I had to add some score lines to it and it came together real well.

If you would like to try this one out, you can download it here: Dragon Cutting File It's fun to make these paper toys. I hope you have fun with this cutting file.

Spectrum Noir Markers

I love my Copics but just don't have enough of them and I have quite a few. They color beautifully but being budget minded I don't purchase too many at a time. My marker coloring purchase dilemma is over with the great find of the Spectrum Noir markers.

Recently, I discovered the Spectrum Noir markers and checked out the reviews of them on YouTube and the Crafter's Companion website. The Copics can cost as much as $5.49 a marker and the Specrum Noir markers are a very reasonable $1.99.

Crafter's Companion website has a great video tutorial on how to use the Spectrum Noirs. Here's the link if you want to check them out. Spectrum Noir How to Video . You can also buy these terrific storage bags for storing and organizing them. The storage bags are only $4.95. These can be purchased at Paper Wishes. I hope this helps you all to save some crafting dollars and enjoy coloring even more. Happy crafting.

Flying High

Every little boy and some of the big ones loves planes. My grandson is a big fan of everything that moves but planes are top on his list. If a plane flies across the sky he shouts out; "Look! look! it's a plane!." One of the Silhouette Plus members was so generous to share his cutting file for all of us to enjoy.

I would like to thank Pete from the Silhouette Plus forum for making one little 5 year old boy very happy. Now, I have to make one for his sister. She's 4 and what her "Bubby" loves she does too.

The awesome members over at Silhouette Plus are always generous when it comes to sharing cutting files they have created. I love the group over there. Remember, it's free to join, lots of fun, and plenty of inspiration. Come join us! :-)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Card Update

I finally tweaked the Book Card Cutting file. This card looks so neat when it's all finished. Once again, the idea cam from Beccy's Place where she shares a wonderful tutorial. It should be pretty easy for you to put together with the cutting file all ready to go. The one thing I couldn't share is the graphics I used because they are copyrighted. If you're needing a perfect graphic you will want to check out some of Beccy's beautiful pieces of art.

In this cutting file I duplicated the short accordion folded portion. You will also need to cut 2 of the longer
accordion folded pieces. Since I couldn't load two to a letter size page, I thought it would be best to just let you know about cutting tow of them.

Your graphic will be tucked up into the inside accordion folded pieces. When you tuck each of the 4 sides of the accordion folded pieces it will make a frame. Remember, do not glue the accordion pieces together. For some great pics, and demonstration of how to do this you can check out Beccy's Place. I think she has some great stuff over there.

Book Card Cutting File Download

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cascading Card for Mom and Cutting File Download

Mother's Day is only ten days away and I've already made her a card...woohoo! This is not me at all. Usually, a birthday, wedding, or some other soecial occasion find me in the craft room breaking a sweat with paper, glue, and other crafting good things flying around to throw a pretty card together for someone special. They may be special but I still procrastinate.

After taking a peek at Beccy's Place Blog, I was inspired to make my Mom a cascading card. Her tutorial is terrific! One thing led to another and I was creating the cutting file to make this neat looking card. I think my Mom will love it. A great big thanks to Beccy Muir for her wonderful tutorial. She made it possible for me to create the Studio cutting file. You have to go and check out her blog for some fabulous ideas and treats. She is such a sharing, caring person. Here's the link: Beccy's Place .  You can also find her on my blog list at the bottom left. Her tutorials are fantastic and so is her art.

Here's a picture of my Mom's mothers day card and for those who want to us my cutting file here is the link to download it: Studio Cutting File for Cascading Card