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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Pixie to Play wiht the Glow Worm

My daughter loves fairies, wood knomes, and pixies. Today, I've been doing nothing but sitting by the phone waiting for some news. It is sort of dull just waiting so, I drew up this little pixie too.It is also yours; if you want it.

You can download the higher resolution image by cliking on the link below the little pixie. I just learned a couple of days ago that all of the files I shared will not always be on FileSwap. If you share something that hasn't been downloaded in a while they are deleted.I'm sorry but, I don't know how long the shares here will be available.

Summer Time and Glow Worms

Oh how I loved to catch these in a mayo jar. My mom would poke some holes in the lid and off we would go in search of the magical glow worm ( aka fire flies, lightening bugs).

These days, our little grandson delights in this activity. The mayo jars are plastic now so no more punching holes in mayo jars. Thank goodness for bug catchers.

The weekends bring to our porch lots and lot of glow worms. After we admire their little golden glow, then we set them free to light the night.

If you would like to have this little guy you may click on the download link below the picture to grab catch you own little glow worm. Drawing  little things like this and sharing them is good for the soul. I hope you can use this glowing little guy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Couple of Graphics to Share

My daughters baby is due this Friday...wooohoo!! I've been drwaing up some graphics. I've shared these with the Silhouette Plus Group and wanted to share them here on my blog too. These make cute Print and Cuts. These are all high resolution .png images. I hope you can use them and enjoy having them. xoxo

Cutting Pretty Frames

One of the members from our group shared a link to this cute craft. I could hardly wait to make one so; I made two.

The frame with the silhouette of the little girl blowing bubble was an image I found on the internet and made a cutting file. The fron part of the frame is three layers glued together. The image for the front of the frame was only cut out once. The other layers I cut out on black card stock and glued them together. The white portion of the frame was cut out in a cirlce and the acetate frame (looks like glass and really can't be seen in the photo) was cut by hand. I cut is slightly larger to adhere behind the frame.

The tiny intricate silhouette of the gril blowing bubbles ha dimension. I cut tiny pieces of foam tape and place it behind the second shape. This was a The back side of the frame is also made with multiple layers of black cardstock to give this frame some durability. I'm not sure if the embellishments show up in the picture but it is embellished with rhinestones.

The baby frame is basically made the same way. The baby in the buggy has 3 layers. Each layer is backed with foam tape. It is embellished with little delicate pink flowers and of course my favorite rhinestones.

One of the ladies asked where I found the frilly scallop shape. I love this scallop shape and thought it would be a nice versatile Silhouette cutting file to share here. I usually share these on the Silhouette Plus group but my blog is getting  If you need it in a different format pleas leave me your email and I will emailit ot you.

You can join this fun group Here

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finished Carousel that Moves

Happy as can be. These are the only words I can express to finally have this cutting file done. It was one little change at at ime but Woohoo!! it works and it moves. It moves manually but by gummy it moves. Now, I 'm trying to think of a cheap, easy, inexpensive way to make it move more automated. Making it where it can be wound up would be a nice touch. Any ideas? :-)

The worse part is to come. I need to write some written instructions. Aarrrgh!....I hat making written instructions.

After I took this pic. I decided to embellsih it with some pretty rainbow colored rhinestones. It looks great but I got too lazy to photograph it again. Maybe, I'll get this done later.

Our grand children are here and immediately wanted to play with it. I gave them the prototypes and let them play away. This one I want to hang around for a

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exploration with More 3D Cutting Files

Making these 3D cutting files is really getting to be addicting. Something pops into my head and the next thing I know is the Silhouette Studio software is opened and some kind of designing starts to turn the cogs in my brain. Not a lot of

This is one I'm working on now. It is the first one I've put together with the file the way it is. A little more perfecting and it will be shared in the In With A Buzz forum on the Silhouette Plus Group forum.

Carousels are something that brings out every child. I've always loved carousels. The carousel horses were made with Beccy's digi file she so freely and generously shares on her blog. I took Beccy's digis into Photoshop, colored them. and saved it as a .png file. Her carousel horse inspried me to make this cutting file.

If you've never visited Beccy's Place you have to go and drop in on her. It will be worth the trip.

Beccy's Blog

Monday, July 11, 2011

More Going On at the Silhouette Plus Forum

Yesterday, was a day of play and lots of it. First, one of the Silhouette Plus memebers, sent tme this link to these cute as can be graphics by Milly Dee Designs. I was off to play with them. First, I designed a cutting file for the toy box in the picture then, I did a print of cut of Milly's adorable graphics to add to the toy box.

Anothter member shared some links to some really neat PDF files of 3D projects. Some of them were way beyond my skills so I picked out a couple of the cutie calendars and made them into cutting files. These were so easy to put together but making the cutting files was a bit time consuming. The time it took was worth it. My hubby said; " This birthday box not only makes a neat calendar but, it can be a birthday reminder box.

So, what else did I do? Boxes are one of my favorite things. When I saw some beautiful intricate boxes on the web; I  took it on as a personal challenge to design some of my own fancy boxes. Now that I have the hang of making these; there will be more.

Remember, almost all of my cutting files are shared for free at the Silhouette Plus Group forum. All you have to do is sign up to be a member, be an active member to get access to the In With A Buzz forum and a whole world of free cutting files will be yours.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lots of Things Going On

I've been making some cute little stick figures for cutting, working on my daughters door decoration, and making more 3D cutting files. I'll post the other one I'm working on when I get a chance to do a test cut.

The project I worked on for my daughter is for the front of her hospital room door. The hospital encourages the Mommy's to decorate their doors announicng the arrival of their babies. My daughter asked if I would make here. She wanted me to make another carriage to go on it. You'll see wht I came up with in the pictures below.

Here are a couple of pictures of the most recent project I've been working on and sharing with the Silhouette Plus Group. Oh, I made a cat too but haven't done anything with it yet. It was after midinight when I finished.

Most of the projects I post are not for use. They are just quickly thrown together and photographed to show how they would look cut. Well, the door poster is one I took my time

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My First Blog Award!

Thank you Heather for awarding me my first ever blog award.You can check out Heather's blog here.

These are the rules about this award,

1) Send a thank you to the person who nominated you and include their link.
2) To accept this award, answer 7 random facts about yourself.
3) Pass the award on to at least 8 other awesome blog buddies

Seven facts???
1) I have insomnia but don't always mind having it. I get a lot done.
2) I have 3 grandchildren with a fourth on the way.
3) I enjoy making something and learning something new every day.
4) I have a degree in Visual communications/ Graphic design and love sharing what I make to help other crafters like myself save crafting dollars.
5) I don't spend enough time working on my blog. I usually have a lot of irons in the fire. 
6) I play poker every Saturday night. Our group has doen this for over 11 years.
7) I started the Silhouette Plus Group forum in hopes of finding other Silhouette users who could use some help, meet new people, and have some fun.

*Update - I have finally been able to pass this blog award to other deserving blogs. Here are the two I've chosen so far. I'll post the rest as I go along.

Gayle from Ligayatg's Blog -

Krafting Kelly from Finding Time to Create -

LindaLucine from lindalucine'sblogspot -