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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Knife Tool and Welding

I often get questions from people askingme different questions about the Silhouette tools. Recently, a sweet lady who viewed one of my YouTube tutorials wrote to me asking some questions about the knie tool. She was trying to creat a Birthday Ring tag.

The knife tool is an important tool. I love the new knife tool in the Silhouette Designer Editon but it still has a couple of flaws. I wrote to SA to let them know it is not fun to have to keep on selecting the knife tool when we have a project requiring it be used a lot, like the Happy Birthday ring.

Back to the ring. After watching the YouTube she was still a bit confused so I wrote her with written instructions. She hated using the knife tool over and over so she welded the ring without using it. She was pleased with the results but I wanted to show her the difference between using and not using the knife tool. I also did some screenshots for her to see where she would cut, and the portion she needed to delete to get the results in the second image.

I hope if anyone is having the same issue this helps. You can also view my YouTube tutorials for more help. I saw this on the Silhouette blog the first time. Iloved the screenshots and thought it would make a wonderful tutorial. Here it the link:

YouTube Tutorial Here is the picture of the side by side. The left side shows the way it will look if you only weld the image. The right side shows what it looks like after using the knife tool to cut and remove the parts of the ring you want to delete.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's A Party Without Balloons

Celebrating the birthdays of our family and friends is a big deal in our home. I probably make more Birthday cards than any other type of cards. After making the Pop-Up Balloon card, I decided I wanted to have some pretty ballloons on hand for whenever I want to add a bunch of ballons to a card.

Just in case I miss any of your birthdays; I want you to have these for the celebrations of your loved one. Okay, off to go make a birthday card. Enjoy your bunch of ballons. Oh, the download of the image is in a .png format to make it easier to do an auto trace for a Print and Cut.

Download Your Balloons Here

Here's the card I made for our grandson's 5th birthday. When he pulls the pull tab the ballons will pop up.. The verse inside says; Up up and away it's your birthday!

Gavyns Birthday Card

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Terrific New Prodcut!

I am so excited to tell everyone about this terrific new "paper". It is so much more than paper! This product is Square1 Masterpiece. When my beautiful paper arrived I couldn't wait to try it out. I grabbed some images for Google images on the interent and proceded to make some cut wall decor for my grandson and granddaughter. Okay, I have to confess; Tinkerbell is mine and I made two of them for me. The little birthday cakes are on our calendar to show the dates of up coming birthdays. The terrific thing about this is, these images are repositonable. You can move them from place to another over 50 times. While playing with these images I stuck them to everything you can imagine! One of the Tinkerbells is on my Silhouette, the other on my purse. I stuck the Optimus Prime sticker to everything in the house; including brick! Can you believe it! The "paper" printed beautifully with an inkjet printer. Remember, these were from the internet and they are low resolution images. The Square1 Masterpiece paper has a vinyl feel. It is a matte finish so no eye blinding glossy images. My husband was so impressed with this new product; he was showing it off to ur Saturday night card playing group. Oh yes he This paper has inspired me to do all sort of projects. My husband has already planned the first one. I have an old end table, I refuse to get rid of; he wants me to print some pretty design and cover the top of this old sort of ugly table. I had just planned on sanding it and paintin it a bright white now it will be white with a lovely pattern on the table top. He is even going to have a piece of plexi-glass cut for it. This was the very first time I used this fantastic product. I was so thrilled with the results; I had to make a mini video. My pictures were kind of on the blurry side but you can see the potential in doing some amazing projects with this new medium.

Cricut Font Equivalents

One of the Silhouette Plus members was looking for a font similar to a Cricut font. While on a search for her request I fond this site. I think it is a wonderful resource for those looking for thier Silhouettes to cut the type of fonts Cricut users have. No expensive cartridges, just some good cutting fun. Below is an example fo what you will find by going to the link. Isn't it great!
Cricut Font Equivalents Site Link Come join this terrific group. You will learn new techniques, share ideas, and have lots of fun. Silhouett Plus Group Froum Link