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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Easy Peasy Project

My daughter asked me to make lots and lots of bows for my little two year old grand daughter. I loved making the bows and of course I couldn't stop. When I finished with all of them my daughter asked."Where in the world will I put all of these?" She really appreciated all of them but she was right she needed a place to put them. here was my easy solution. So here is a picture and the instructions on how to make this bow holder.

9 Easy Steps to Making a Bow Holder

1. cut out a piece of 12 x 12 foam board.
2. Pick out two pieces of a heavy weight patterned card stock.
3. Pick out several pieces of ribbon to match the card stock and cut into 14 inch lengths.
4. Use adhesive mounting tape to cover the front sde of the foam board.
5. Lay out the various sizes of ribbon across the front and figure out how you would like to arrange them. You can even place little lines at the bottom of the foam board to mark a place for each ribbon.
6. Place adhesive mounting tape to two inches of each end of the ribbons and stick in place. Continue this until you have added all of your ribbons.
7. Time to make the hanger. yes, you got it right ;-) Cut another length of ribbon to the size you want. Add adhesives to the each end of the hanging ribbon and stick it to the back of the foam board.
8. Almost done! you know that other piece of  12 X 12 cardstock? Just place some mounting adhesive to the back of this.
9. Last but not least. Take your pretty new bow holder and hang it in a place where you can step back and admire your handy work. Then clip on all of the bows you have laying around all over the house. :-)

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