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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Having Fun Making Silhouette Studio Cutting Files

Another Silhouette day and I've been buys making box and card cutting files. I share them for free on the Silhouette Plus forum but today I thought I would go ahead and give the link to the Bag Box cutting file. This is a cute little gift bag. I used some left over scrap paper to embellish it. The little flap that holds it closed isn't in the cutting file neither are the flowers at the bottom. I used a punch to make this. Sometimes when I 'm making sample projects I just throw them together with things laying around on my craft table.

I hope you can use this file. I know over time we collect sooo many files and we're never sure of what we have or don't have. I make a seperate folder for each of my designs and take a screen shot of them or a picture of the finished project.After I do this I create a new folder and name it the name of the cutting file. Once this is done I drop the cutting file and the picture of the cutting file into the folder. When I go to view my Silhouette Studio cutting files I always choose thumbnail view; this way I can see exactly what cutting file I'm using. When cutting files are added to the SS library you  can also see what the cutting file looks like. The reason I don't upload all of my cutting files to the SS library is; I don't want the program itself bogged down to the point of taking forever to open.

If you grab this file don't forget to snag the picture too. It is always nice to see what we are cutting without having to open it first. I hope this helps you enjoy your cutting file system a little bit more.

Here is the link to the cutting file:

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  1. Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for the file - adorable! And what a great idea for saving the picture too ;)

    See ya at Silhouette Plus! :-)



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