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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ooops....Single line font boo-boo

My family tells me all of the time I burn too many candles at both ends. Sometimes this shows up in my typing and other things. One of the visitors to the was kind enough to email me to let me know the lower case d was missing from the Studio single line font. If you downloaded this alpha, please download it again by clicking on this link:

AR Decode Alpha Zip File Download 


  1. Just wanted to say what a fantastic site this is, downloaded your lovely cameo files that is so nice of you. As i usually just download files and cut because I dont know what else to do I found your tutorials so very helpful, might give me the courage to try it out.
    I have just added my email so I dont miss anything, many many thanks. :) Margo

  2. Thank you Margo. Your comment means a lot to me. I'm happy to learn you are enjoying my blog. xxx - Debbie

  3. Hello Debbie
    Thank you for sharing you downloads and your hard work i am sorry that your learning site closed down i have been away and came home to the sad news i will now keep your blog and go onto that so i can get your incouragement to try differemt things

    Thank You
    New Zealand


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