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Monday, December 10, 2012

Reindeer Stables and More

It's been a whirlwind around our home trying to get caught up for the up coming holidays. I'm happy to say I finally finished Santa's village even though, sadly, I'm still a bit under the weather but keeping the faith.

When I returned to Noella Designs what to my wandering eyes did appear a reindeer stable, Santa, elves, and a cute little reindeer.

There rose such a clatter I ran to my computer to fix this matter.

I with my Studio software and the designs I found at Noella in just a little while. I was off to make another cute Christmas cutting file.

Some re-sizing, and line drawing took place. I couldn't wait to see Santa's cute little face.

When it was all complete, I jumped to my feet. It was off to the craft room like I was placing a bet. I couldn't wait to see all these cuties cut with my sweet Silhouette.

The files were all cut, folded, and stuck together with some dabs of glue. I'm so happy to be able to share these cutting files with all of you.

Time for me to post some pics, then turn out the light. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

All of these downloadable cutting files are in .svg, .dxf, and Studio cutting file formats.

Download Reindeer,Elves, and Santa Here

Download the Sleigh Candy Holder Here

Download the Reindeer Stables Here

My Santa Village Completed

Santa, Reindeer, and Elves

Sleigh Candy Holder

Reindeer Stables


  1. Thank you, I'm going to cute these for my grandkids.

  2. Simply stunning, Oh Debbie this is awesome.
    I feel all Chrissy now. Hugs

  3. What a lovely village, it's so cute. Thanks for share the file.
    hugs Linda

  4. lol, love your rendition of "The Night Before Christmas, this is just amazing, what a treat for someone to just sit and watch the little village and imagine all the music and action. I can smell the snow. You rocked your scene dear one, hugs

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. Aren't you clever with "The Night Before Christmas"!

  6. Love your scene. And the files you shared are so cute. Thanks! I'm off like a flash to make the sleigh for a woman who otherwise will not have Christmas.

  7. Thank you Debbie for sharing your cut files, it saves a lot of time when someone as kind as you does all the hard work
    Bless you

  8. This is really beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  9. Debbie,thanks for sharing your cut files.The creations you made are lovely and I like the new Christmas song.

  10. A fabulous festive village, Debbie. You have set the scene well with your snow too. Lovin' the sleigh candy holder - could only be improved with my favourite choccies inside!!! LOL.
    Tine :)

  11. Debbie, you are too much! Even when you're not feeling on top of the game, you deliver such cute files. Thank you so much for sharing these. They are definitely going into my stash to be created (not till next year, however). I love your poem! :) Please take care of yourself. I hope next year I will have more time on the forum, I miss it over there.

  12. Debbie, you are too much! Thank you so much for sharing these adorable files. I hope to be able to put this entire village together for 2013. Please take care of your health!! :)

    sure hope to make it back into the forum soon....I miss it :(

  13. So cute, Debbie! Thanks so much for sharing. Love the poem. Your creativity includes more than just paper crafting. Sorry to hear that you are still not feeling too well. Thoughts and prayers are with you for brighter, healthier days! Hugs!!

  14. Thank you, Debbie!! You are too good to us. I appreciate, so much, the way you share your talent and files so readily! Please, take care of your health.

  15. thanks again for taking the time to convert the files and share them

  16. Your files are simply WONDERFUL, these would be a hit on any table! Thanks Debbie, for all you do!

    ♥ Barb

  17. What kind of paper did you use to create your adorable Christmas Village?

  18. What paper did you use to create the adorable Christmas Village?

  19. Hi Chellebr8, I just used 110# regular white cardstock.

  20. love the looks of your projects, but, unfortunatly i can't get the files to download.

    1. I was able to download the zipped files. If you send me an email, I'll be happy to email them to you. They are adorable. My email link is located towards the top with an "Email Me" icon. Best wishes, Debbie


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