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Monday, January 7, 2013

Love Charm Necklaces

I finally got around to making the necklaces from the cutting file I shared below. Using some light weight card stock with the Cameo set at a Speed -3, Thickness - 33, and Blade - 10, Double Cut selected, I cut out two different sizes of the "Love Charm". Using two layers of each size I glued them together and painted them with acrylic paint. After the larger in dried, I used a white gel pen to add some design to the charm. After both were painted and embellished a little I dipped them in Utee. For making jewelry I like to add Flex but was out so I just used the Utee without it.

After dipping the pieces in Utee I decided to try adding some glitter to the small "love charm". The Utee looked a little lumpy so I used an embossing heat tool to smooth it out. Next, it was time to figure out how I wanted them to hang. For the larger charm I used ribbon and some wood beads. The smaller one I used some pretty clear glass beads and a couple of Swarovski crystals to place on each side of the heart. I added the clasp and tada! a necklace is born. :)

It's always nice to spend the day crafting. I glass etched the wine bottle and made two necklaces. Doing both of these little projects made for a nice crafty day my little granddaughter will appreciate when she puts on her new "love charm" necklace her grandma made with love.


  1. Thanks so much for postting this and the wine bottle etching. I love what you did with this and both projects look great! I was making plans to use a (new) melting pot and appreciate your giving such detailed instructions for the necklace.

  2. These look gorgeous, Debbie. What a clever idea and I know that your granddaughter will love wearing your special gift.

  3. Debbie, these turned out so cute, love how you paired them with beads, hugs

  4. Wow! These look great. What a fantastic idea!

    Love Joan xx

  5. your charms turned out great - it's hard to believe that they started as pieces of paper/card!

    Oh - and just wanted to add that I watched your tutorial video on the split monogram - thanks, it was fab! It helps to know that I can make these as lovely gifts for people/family when I'm stuck for ideas.

    Paula xxx

  6. Hi Paula,thank you for you for being so sweet, visiting my blog, and leaving an uplifting comment. It makes my day when I learn the video tutorials have helped someone enjoy their Silhouette cutting machines even more.

    I could have made a dozen of the chipboard heart necklaces. I was surprised that even my very picky (doesn't like crafts) daughter wanted one of the Heart Charm necklaces. Paper crafting never ceases to delight and amaze me.


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