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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Koshi Doll and Easter Basket Card

***Update: The Koshi doll with all 3 formats is a very large file at 22.6 mb. Not only because it has three formats but it is filled with a pattern and colors. I've not been able to email it so I'll have to share it through Box and send those whom want it an email with the download link. 

Here's a couple of more shares.Recently, I was asked if I would make an Easter Basket card so off I went to create one. I sort of throw all of these together after I get them cut but I've seen how spectacular you all can make these cutting files look. I always appreciate seeing what you've done with the files I share. It's such an inspiration.

The Easter Basket card I designed so it will be easy to weave. All you have to do is glue the attached vertical strips to the edge of the basket then weave the horizontal strips. By having all of the vertical strips together, it helps keep the horizontal strips together and easier to weave.

The second cutting file is my version of a Koshi doll book marker. The Obi on the back is optional but I like it. It keep the book from smashing her cute little fan. I layered the flowers and the fan to give it some dimension.I made creases in the lines of the fan to make it look more like a real fan. You can use a bone folder or your thumb nail. I did all of this as a print and cut. You can always do it on various patterned or colored card stock. I know how lovely you all can make things your own.

As all of you already know, I'll have to email these cutting files to you. Come on April 1st! this is when my band width will be reset....woohoo!

My email link is one the upper right hand side. i'll get these emailed to you as fast as I can. My grandson and I are baking a cake this morning so after the frosting is done, I'll be able to check my emails off and on.

You can download this cutting file here ----> Koshi Doll Download

Happy Crafting and hugs,
Debbie and Carson ( my grandson asked me to add his


  1. Fantastic projects, Debbie! Thanks so much for sharing them! Enjoy your time with Carson!

  2. Love the little Koshi Dolls(so elegant!). The Easter basket is adorable. I want to eat that chocolate bunny, too!

  3. Your Koshi doll is adorable:)

  4. Both of these are very cute!! I want chocolate bunny ears...

  5. Love the doll and the Easter basket..............oh how I wish the chocolate rabbit was real (G)


  6. Fab Koshi Doll and Easter Basket. Thank you so much for sharing xx

  7. Your Koshi doll is to cute!!! Since my son and daughter-in-law was stationed in Okinawa, and she collected Koshi dolls while there, she would love this. Please share.

  8. Wow Debbie these are so cute. I just love them. Thanks for sharing AJ-

  9. These files are lovely Debbie. You have such a beautiful talent. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi Carson, lovely easter basket you made with your grandma. I love to see your cake too.
    Big hug from the Netherlands especially for you, Mienokje

  11. love your Koshi doll, fab, hugs

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this Koshi doll book marker & the Easter basket file. I have a fondness for Koshi dolls and this one is beautiful! And that Easter basket makes me hungrier,LOL! (I was only going to eat "a few" chocolate eggs tonight).
    Thanks again for sharing these, take care, Kat

  13. Wow I love the Koshi doll bookmark. Is there anyway I can get the file for it? Thanks!

  14. Please send me the link to download the file to make these beautiful dolls.


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