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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vase Filler Glass Beads, Ball Jars, and Bows

UPDATE ** After two weeks of the filler beads jar sitting outside in the various temperature changes; I discovered the hot glued beads began to fall off. I re-made the jar by using E600 glue.

More little pint Ball jars were laying around begging me to do something with them. Good thing, because I came across a bunch of vase filler glass beads. This made me go hmmmm..... then the next thing I knew my trusty ol' glue gun was in hand and ready to get into some crafty action. Adding a dab of hot glue on the backs of each glass bead I placed them on the jar and lid. The one thing I wish I would have done first was to glue the solar light into the ring and place the vinyl before I added the glass beads to the rim of the lid ring. The other thing I wish I would have done was to pay more attention to how I was holding one of the glue covered beads. After adding a dab of hot glue to one of the glass beads I somehow flipped the glass bead and it landed on top of my right thumb. This had me doing one kind of crazy dance then running to the sink to turn on the cold water. Before I made it to the sink it fell off taking some skin with it and leaving a bubbled up raw looking place on my thumb. My husband has seen me do this dance before so he just called out; "Are you alright?" I answered him by saying; "I'm okay but my thumb is a bit irritated with the glue gun but, I'm sure getting the "hot glue gun dance" down real well. I can now enter a competition." I said, I love my glue gun but I never said it loved me

Now that the drama of the "Attack of the Hot Glue Gun" is over I wanted to dress up this gorgeous jar a little more. Silhouette cutting machine time! I made a pattern to cover the solar light then did a test cut on some card stock. It was a perfect match so I grabbed some indoor/outdoor vinyl and made a cover for the solar light. I do wish I would have placed this on the lid before I placed the glass beads but it was an after thought.Since it was an after thought; I didn't line the vinyl up too well but it still looks okay. 

This glass bead covered Ball jar is truly gorgeous. I wish the pictures would show how lovely it really is. These are definitely going to be on my gifts to make for giving list. 

In this blog post I'm adding one more crafty thing. I made my youngest and eldest granddaughters some bows. They turned out so cute, I just had to share. The bee bow is my favorite. I used Jolee's Boutique dimensional stickers. They are made of plastic and are durable. Michaels craft store has so many to choose from. I bought the bees and flowers, strawberries, ladybugs, and there are more I would like to get.

I hope these little crafts provide some crafty inspiration. Have a blessing filled day and happy crafting! 

Ball Jar Lid with Vinyl over

Glass Bead Ball not Lit

My attempt to get a picture of the Ball Jar lit

Hair Bows


  1. Your mind is obviously in a constant state of creativity! Lovely projects & I bet your granddaughters loved those extra special hair bows.
    Tine :)

  2. Very nice! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  3. WOW - I love both these projects. I've done that hot glue dance myself and landed in the emergency room! I was gluing a cloth scarf on a snowman. Somehow that scarf wrapped around my finger instead of the snowman. I just couldn't get it off in time! I keep a bottle of the clear aloe gel in my craft room now. That is the only thing that relieved the pain. I've learned to NEVER put the glue on the part you are holding - put the glue on the part that is just sitting there. Hope your thumb is better. Gotta make some of those bows for my 3 little granddaughters! Thanks for sharing. Hugs!!

  4. Debbie great projects.Thanks for sharing.
    Blessing's Jocelan

  5. Ohhh how pretty!!! Such a fun idea...TFS.

  6. Great projects Debbie love them both thank you for sharing...those hair bows are so sweet...!!

  7. Your bows are adorable and the jar inspires me, but...Take care of your sweet self.


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