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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Notes and Discoveries - The New Studio 3.0.351 Update

Today as promised the newest Studio 3.0.532  update was released. Silhouette had already let us know in advance this new update was not a "fix all" update. I wanted to make sure to remind all of us whom may still be having some issues to continue to be patient while the Silhouette programmers continue to work away.

I was thilled to get a little bit of an early sneak peek of the software so I played around for a while and made some notes to share with all of you.

For the most part I'm pretty please with some of the discoveries and will be patient while I await other issue to be addressed. The wonderful thing about Silhouette support and the programmers for Silhouette is; they listen and care about the input we give them. With all of the videos and emails I send them they always reply with a kind thank you and show of appreciation for what I'm trying to do. They feel this way about all of their customers and value our feedback. I would have thought by now I would have driven them

If you would like to see a list of all the issues Silhouette has addressed you can check them out by clicking on this link : Studio V 3.0.531 Release Notes They addressed so very many of our concerns and bug reports. Speaking for myself; I was already pleased with the new cut by layers, line color, fill color, the new Arc tool, Nesting feature and some of the other things added that I honestly never had any major complaints but I know many have had some not so nice issues they were dealing with. I hope the fixes for all you is in this update.

Before this release I wasn't able to do a TWAIN scan with my HP 6500 series scanner. The great news is I can now scan using TWAIN. I've read on the forum; some Mac users are still having issues with TWAIN scanning. I'm sure it is complicated and difficult for programmers to work around all of the operating systems but I have faith they will eventually get it all worked out.

The other issue I discovered recently was during a file save. The file I was trying to save is rather large (4 MB) and has a lot of intricate detailed line art. When I try to save it, it will show a working bar that says "Generating Cut Job" then when I click anywhere inside of Studio I get the message "Studio Not Responding" this causes me to have to go to the Task Manager and close out of Studio. I end up getting a temporary file saved but it won't open the cut file I tried to save. Any other files have saved just fine. I made a video and reported this to Silhouette Support just in case others may have the same issue. I was finally able to save it as a V2 file but really wanted to have it has a V3 file.

Another change.... we use to be able to use the Control + Click and Drag method to duplicate a shape. We can still do this but it has changed to Alt + Click and Drag. The Control + Click and Drag will now bring up the "Transfer Properties/Eye Dropper Tool", I like having this short cut but know many of my old videos show using this short cut to duplicate a shape by clicking and dragging; again no big deal because the word will get around. One more neat thing is the ability to duplicate text and shapes by using the Control + Arrow Keys. The arrow you choose will duplicate the test or shape in that direction. Pretty neat. biggrin

I created a PDF file with all of the short cuts and highlighted the new ones. Some of these shortcuts come in real handy. If you would like to grab this to have a shortcut resource you can download it here:  Silhouette Studio Shortcuts I apologize to all those whom use Macs for not making a PDF file for all of you. As you all probably know by now I'm a PC user. I think those of you whom use Macs can substitute many of the shortcuts with the Command key and other familiar Mac keys to do the same things. I also discovered later in my explorations that the Control + Arrow Keys not only moved text but shape so in the PDF it will only show it's used for moving shapes.

So far I have really enjoyed seeing the how many bugs have been fixed. I know this newest release was not promised to be a "fix all" but Silhouette sure did a great job addressing so many issues. I know they will continue to work on making this the very best cutting software we can own. I believe positive thoughts will bring positive things and our feedback has helped out Silhouette America so much. Isn't it nice to know we are appreciated.biggrin

Have a blessing filled day everyone,


  1. Thank you for your review of the newest release of software & the comprehensive list of shortcuts which I am sure all PC users will find invaluable. Sooo tempted to take the plunge & download this latest software now but perhaps I should finish the couple of cards I have on the go first - just in case!
    Thanks again, Debbie.
    Tine :)

    1. I downloaded it and sat and nearly cried, I went back to the older version. NOW I have downloaded the new version as Debbie said it had been fixed and it is GREAT! I promise you that you won't regret it. Melanie

  2. Thank you Debbie for another great low down on the new upgrade.Also thanks for the cheat sheet.
    Blessings Jocelan

  3. I love reading about all the new from Silhouette and then have you break it down and work it You devote so much of your time to this as we all appreciate it. Hugs, joann

  4. Great information and sharing- thank you! I really like your positive and upbeat attitude too.

  5. Thanks so much, Debbie! I trust your judgement on anything Silhouette! : ) I'm gonna download the new version and try it out. If you like it, I'm sure I'll like it! Hugs!!

  6. Thank you so VERY MUCH for all you do! You have such a beautiful and generous heart :)

  7. Super excited for this update. FINALLY they put in the option to edit your files after they've been added to the library! :D Can't wait to play around with the new updates.

    Funny enough, seeing your vid on this update was how I found out about it since Silhouette mentioned nothing on their Facebook (when I checked last night) and when I clicked the "Check for Updates," nothing happened. Thanks for informing us and will totally be using that cheat sheet. :)

  8. I appreciate all your time you take to give us all the updates and new info. I was wondering I don't know where I should address this issue but I thought I would try here. I used the print and cut feature on the V3 and the cut is a little off and I read somewhere it might need to be calibrated but I don't know where to go on the new version to make the adjustment. If this is the wrong place to ask I am sorry.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi Wanda, the "Calibaration: is located when you "Right- Click" on the upper right "Send to Silhouette" icon. Before manually calibrating I would try to change the Pakcet size. You go to Edit, Preferences, Advance, then scroll down until uou see "Packet Size" Change the "Packet Size" to 500 close the software and hen re -launch. On page 36 of the 3.0.531 you'll find instuctions for the manula calibration. I've never had to manually calibrate and would always try other avenues before I did this. It seems like a little bit of a Here's the link to the manual:

    I hope everything works out so you can be enjoying the Print and Cut. This is one of my most favorite features. Hugs, Debbie

  10. Thank you Debbie for all the time you have put into this for us. I appreciate it so much.
    Many Thanks

  11. Many Thanks Debbie for such helpful information I really look forward to your e.mails Hugs Pauline


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