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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Studio 3.1.417 - How To Resolve Print and Cut Issues

Everyone pretty much knows that the Print and Cut feature is one of my all time favorite feature of the Silhouette cutting machines and Studio software. After installing the newest update I've noticed my regular (not talking PixScan have been off. Being the perfectionist I am and also being used to getting such "perfect" Print and Cuts in the past; I don't like seeing white edges. I know others have noticed their PnC's have been a bit off too, and some more than others. Below are the steps to resolve this issue. I hope this is helpful for any of you who may be having some Print and Cut problems.

Calibrating Instructions 

1. Close Silhouette Studio

2. Clear preferences ( If you don't know how to do this; please follow the instructions below)

3. Open Silhouette Studio

4. Go to the “Send to Silhouette” screen

5. Right-click and select “Calibration”

6. Print out a calibration page and put it on your regular mat

7. Move the blade with the arrows over to be near the cross mark and press the button to “Calibrate”

8. Assuming it is spot on, leave it alone

9. Exit out and try your print and cut job again

Sometimes pushing through a single calibration test tells the machine that it is actually calibrated and corrects any concern. It’s like the machine is confused until the software tells it that it is supposed to be calibrated and the machine falls back in line.

Clearing the Preferences Instructions

Please note, removing your Preferences folder will remove any saved preferences, including custom material types that you may have created. To clear your Preferences folder, please navigate to and remove the following highlighted folder:
PC – C: > Users > my_user_name > AppData > Roaming > com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio
Mac – Macintosh HD > Users > my_user_name > Library > Preferences > com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio
NOTE: If the above folder cannot be found on Mac, you may press SHIFT CMD which reveals a small window where you can type the name of a folder to locate it. If the above folder cannot be found on Windows XP, go to your Control Panel to select "Files & Folders" to select the View tab and select Show hidden folders. If the above folder cannot be found on a Windows Vista7, or 8, go to the Control Panel to search for the term "Hidden Folder" in order to select the option to Show hidden folders.


  1. THANK YOU! I thought I was doomed to snip off that little bit of white showing....I should have known you would have a fix; I appreciate all your help

  2. So nice of you to break things down like this. I use one machine for my printing and one for cutting. Do you know if I would need to clear preferences on both machines to have this work or just the cutting machine? I understand if I need to contact customer service about my question. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Hi Ruth, I do the same thing. You just need to calibrate the machine you are cutting with.Hugs, Debbie

  3. Excellent, Debbie! Thanks so much!

  4. This fixed my problem! You are the best!

  5. Yippee I did it! Thank you Debbie x


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