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Monday, April 11, 2011


I've not been able to post much as I am now in Texas to help out my Mom and Step-Dad. His birthday was on March 13, 2011 and on March 14, 2011 he was given the horrible news that he has samll cell lung cancer which has invaded most parts of his body except for (thankfully) his bones and brain. I am so darn angry. He is a good man and the love of my Mom's life. I pray all of this chemo will put him into remission so he can enjoy life a little bit. The chemo makes everything taste metallic to him; he cannot enjoy food or drinks for several days after the three days of treatment. He goes to chemo for three days then he is off for three weeks. By the time he gets his taste buds back it it time to go again. During the week of his chemo he has three horrible days. He takes a shot for him immune system on Thursday. After Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays of chemo the shot  on Thursday kicks his butt. He doesn't start feeling better until Sunday.

On top of all that he is gong through; this past chemo led him back inot the hospital with a terrible type of pneumonia that wore him down. He has lost an additional 12 pounds of weight since his release. This week he will put several pounds of fluid back on since the chemo makes him swell up. This is one hell of a nasty trip he must take to get a little more life out of this life here on earth. I pray he gets to have some wonderful and much better days ahead.

Right now they are in the; what I believe to be the denial stage. The communications are closed and nerves are raw. Nobody, talks about the cancer, his hair is now falling out. As he rubbed his head yesterday and watched it fall to the ground he simply said; "Well, there goes my hair." his facial expressions said more. My Mom cries at the drop of a hat and her stress levels are over the top. I am so worried for her and the toll this all is taking on her,

They live out in the country and have so much to be done. I am taking care of everything I can but worry when I leave to go home; who will take care of them. My step-sister has been wonderful. She drives in every other weekend. She lives 72 miles away. She and her daughters have been wonderful about mowing the property. My brother lives near but, is at the hospital working all of the time. When he has a few days off he has to play catch up for his own home. He tries to come out and see them several times while he is off but his time has been limited. He also takes care of my biological Dad who lives here.

This seems strange to write about all of this on a crafting, Silhouette cutters blog but it is also to let my few readers know where I am and what is going on. I'm not sure you all will see too many new things concering crafting as my job here is to do all I can to help my family out. Please say a prayer for them. Thank you.


  1. You are already in my prayers :-) Cancer took my grandfather this past fall - 3 days after veteran's day and guess what - he was a prisoner of world war II. It's so unfair. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  2. Debbie~ My prayers are with you and your family.


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