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Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's a Lily Freebie!

What would Easter or Spring be without a pretty Lily to decorate a Easter gift. I will use these instead of bows for a pretty Spring looking package. Here is how I made them:

1. Cut all of the petals out on a plain white piece of cardstock.
2. Cut the leaves, centers of the Lillies, and the base of the Lillies on a pretty green cardstock.
3. Using your fingers rub the petals enough to work the paper a bit to smoth out. You can use a small tool to curl the edges of the petals just a bit. You want them to look as realistic as you can.
4. Ink the edges with a pretty color of your choice. I used mauve. Using a sponge apply some of the color in you have chosen in the center area of the petals. After you have done this; use a burgandy colored marker and dot the centers as seen in the ones below.
5. Glue each petal ( 6 petals) to the starburt shape with a quick dry glue. I used Allene's Tacky Glue.
6. The center of the flower is the piece with the little circles on the ends. Color these ends with the burgandy marker; as well as the center circle. Apply a dab of glue and place it into the center of the dried Lily.
7. Rub the leaves to work the paper a bit. Next, use a tool on hand to scratch the fine lines of the leaves to make them look more relistic. Now, you can grab a darker shade of green ink and rub it on the leaves to create some depth in the leaves. Make the edges and the base of the leaves a bit darker.
8. Glue the leaves to the back side of your Lily.
9. Work on the look and shape you want for each petal and leaf. The fluff up the center of the Lily for a great looking flower.
10. Last but not least; sit back and admire your work.

Here is how my Lillies turned out:
Here is the link to the cutting file:


  1. Thank you, Debbie! These are just fabulous! I appreciate your generosity.

  2. GORGEOUS Debbie! Oh my goodness, absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful flowers! Thank you so much for sharing your talents :)

  4. Thank you for making this. Lilies are my favorite flowers. I was just outside this am weeding and feeding them

  5. I've been grazin' your blog and I've fallen in love with your flowers. They are so beautiful. I create punch art flowers. I just purchased the Silhouette and am so excited to find you. Hugs,


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