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Monday, July 11, 2011

More Going On at the Silhouette Plus Forum

Yesterday, was a day of play and lots of it. First, one of the Silhouette Plus memebers, sent tme this link to these cute as can be graphics by Milly Dee Designs. I was off to play with them. First, I designed a cutting file for the toy box in the picture then, I did a print of cut of Milly's adorable graphics to add to the toy box.

Anothter member shared some links to some really neat PDF files of 3D projects. Some of them were way beyond my skills so I picked out a couple of the cutie calendars and made them into cutting files. These were so easy to put together but making the cutting files was a bit time consuming. The time it took was worth it. My hubby said; " This birthday box not only makes a neat calendar but, it can be a birthday reminder box.

So, what else did I do? Boxes are one of my favorite things. When I saw some beautiful intricate boxes on the web; I  took it on as a personal challenge to design some of my own fancy boxes. Now that I have the hang of making these; there will be more.

Remember, almost all of my cutting files are shared for free at the Silhouette Plus Group forum. All you have to do is sign up to be a member, be an active member to get access to the In With A Buzz forum and a whole world of free cutting files will be yours.


  1. You're going to town with these boxes Deb ---- nice work!!!!

  2. please tell me more about your forum

    thanks, Joanne

  3. Hi Joanne, I left a comment on your blog. You have a lovely blog and lots of beautiful projects. Thank you for visiting.

  4. Hi Debbie, I have followed your tutorial with the Love Birds but I cannot separate the pieces. I draw the rectangle round the 1st piece, click and hold shift key but the whole page is in a working box. There is a red line round the piece I have put the rectangle round but I cannot separate it to put it in the untitled place. Please, what am I doing wrong.

  5. Hi Rosemary, Please email me from the "Email Me" link on the upper right hand side of my blog. I would love to help. I feel as though I would be of more help if you could send me the file you are having problems with. Hugs, Debbie


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