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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finished Carousel that Moves

Happy as can be. These are the only words I can express to finally have this cutting file done. It was one little change at at ime but Woohoo!! it works and it moves. It moves manually but by gummy it moves. Now, I 'm trying to think of a cheap, easy, inexpensive way to make it move more automated. Making it where it can be wound up would be a nice touch. Any ideas? :-)

The worse part is to come. I need to write some written instructions. Aarrrgh!....I hat making written instructions.

After I took this pic. I decided to embellsih it with some pretty rainbow colored rhinestones. It looks great but I got too lazy to photograph it again. Maybe, I'll get this done later.

Our grand children are here and immediately wanted to play with it. I gave them the prototypes and let them play away. This one I want to hang around for a

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  1. This is amazing, Debbie! Wish I could see it in person. :)


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