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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's A Party Without Balloons

Celebrating the birthdays of our family and friends is a big deal in our home. I probably make more Birthday cards than any other type of cards. After making the Pop-Up Balloon card, I decided I wanted to have some pretty ballloons on hand for whenever I want to add a bunch of ballons to a card.

Just in case I miss any of your birthdays; I want you to have these for the celebrations of your loved one. Okay, off to go make a birthday card. Enjoy your bunch of ballons. Oh, the download of the image is in a .png format to make it easier to do an auto trace for a Print and Cut.

Download Your Balloons Here

Here's the card I made for our grandson's 5th birthday. When he pulls the pull tab the ballons will pop up.. The verse inside says; Up up and away it's your birthday!

Gavyns Birthday Card


  1. Thank you, Debbie! These balloons are so cute!

  2. This card is adorable and what a surprise for the birthday child. Thank you so much Debbie.


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