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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Knife Tool and Welding

I often get questions from people askingme different questions about the Silhouette tools. Recently, a sweet lady who viewed one of my YouTube tutorials wrote to me asking some questions about the knie tool. She was trying to creat a Birthday Ring tag.

The knife tool is an important tool. I love the new knife tool in the Silhouette Designer Editon but it still has a couple of flaws. I wrote to SA to let them know it is not fun to have to keep on selecting the knife tool when we have a project requiring it be used a lot, like the Happy Birthday ring.

Back to the ring. After watching the YouTube she was still a bit confused so I wrote her with written instructions. She hated using the knife tool over and over so she welded the ring without using it. She was pleased with the results but I wanted to show her the difference between using and not using the knife tool. I also did some screenshots for her to see where she would cut, and the portion she needed to delete to get the results in the second image.

I hope if anyone is having the same issue this helps. You can also view my YouTube tutorials for more help. I saw this on the Silhouette blog the first time. Iloved the screenshots and thought it would make a wonderful tutorial. Here it the link:

YouTube Tutorial Here is the picture of the side by side. The left side shows the way it will look if you only weld the image. The right side shows what it looks like after using the knife tool to cut and remove the parts of the ring you want to delete.


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  2. Use both hands to steady the gun when you weld. Do this whenever possible. Keep wire feeder hub tension and drive roll pressure just tight enough to feed wire, but don't overtighten.


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