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Friday, May 18, 2012

Experimenting with Making SVG files

I love to share files to help take off some of the expenses of crafting. Not that I still don't purchase plenty of graphics and cutting files ( actually, I a a graphic/clipart addict) but I do enjoy making my own and sharing them. I know other cutting machine users can only open .svg files so when I share my Studio cutting files, they are missing out on some of the freebies. I decided to try and make some .svg cutting files. This is all pretty new to me, it be a while before I  will be able to share any .svg files. So far, all I've made is a simple bear. Okay, back to the drawing board and keeping my fingers crossed.


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  1. Debbie, you are a genius. I'm sure you'll find a way for everyone to be happy! :)


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