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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flying High

Every little boy and some of the big ones loves planes. My grandson is a big fan of everything that moves but planes are top on his list. If a plane flies across the sky he shouts out; "Look! look! it's a plane!." One of the Silhouette Plus members was so generous to share his cutting file for all of us to enjoy.

I would like to thank Pete from the Silhouette Plus forum for making one little 5 year old boy very happy. Now, I have to make one for his sister. She's 4 and what her "Bubby" loves she does too.

The awesome members over at Silhouette Plus are always generous when it comes to sharing cutting files they have created. I love the group over there. Remember, it's free to join, lots of fun, and plenty of inspiration. Come join us! :-)

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  1. And some of us big girls love airplanes, too.... :-)


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