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Friday, August 10, 2012

File Box Freebie

As I looked around my craft room, I noticed a basket of cut pieces I've saved over time. I hate throwing things away when I think they can be used. The problem is, when I stash them away in this little basket, they end up being forgotten or I just don't feel like sorting through them. I always seem to want o cut extra pieces of whatever I'm making if there is space on the card stock.

When I sorted through the basket of all the extra pieces I cut I found lots of nice little cuts. I had everything from Print and Cut extras, to borders, frames, tags, and more. After doing all of this sorting, I decided to make a little  file box for all of the left over cut out treasures.

This cutting file has instructions typed up when you open the file. I wanted to make the bottom extra sturdy but thought it would need some instructions to help explain how I made it.You can always un-group the cutting file and delete the instruction. The instructions are set to "NoCut" but if you want them out of the way you can delete them or move them off the cutting page.

 I also wanted to make sure letter size card stock could be used so all of those with the Silhouette SD or the original Silhouette could use this cutting file. I love my Cameo and the ability to cut on a larger format but I have lots of letter size card stock so, as many cutting files as I share it's important to me to make as many as I can so all Silhouette cutting machine users can use them.

The embellishment on the front is a sprocket shape. I added a pop-dot to the back of it to make it stand out, a scalloped shaped as the background and a clear rhinestone for bling. I love that bling. :-) The sprocket shape is included in the cutting file.

If you would like to have this cutting file, you can download it here ----> File Box

Happy crafting and cutting everyone!


  1. I just cut one out of cheap cardstock and it goes together well. Will be making one out of some pretty cardstock later. Thanks. Great idea.

  2. Thank you so much that will come in handy. I have bits and pieces all over the place and having them all in one place will make it easier when I get the urge to create.

  3. Great idea as we all accumulate bits of card etc we don't want to consign to the bin unnecessarily. Love being organised - doesn't always happen though! LOL. Thanks for sharing your idea & file with everyone yet again.
    Tine :)

  4. Cute and useful, too! Thanks for sharing!! Once the log truck of logs is cut and split I might have time to craft again. lol That is if I'm not too sore!

  5. This will be so nice to have! Thank you. I have the SD, so really appreciate that it will work for me also.

  6. I know that little basket of cuts.... doesn't everyone have one of those??
    thanks for this great way of organizing the little pcs.
    i also have the SD so again thank you for thinking of us non cameo users

  7. Hi Everyone, thank you for visiting.I'm so glad you all find it useful. Here I thought it was only me with bits and pieces stashed

    Linda, I'm so glad you already tried it out and everything went well. It's always nice to get some good feed back. xxx - Debbie

  8. Terrific project so bright and cheerful! I'm new to your blog and I'll have to do some more looking around, glad I found it!!! :)

  9. Thanks, Debbie! It's super cute, and I love the papers you used on yours. :)

  10. I have the same odds and ends as you and this is a cute idea for storing them. Thank you.


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