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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Floral Frenzy of Freebie Cutting Files

One of the members on the Silhouette Plus Forum asked for a lace floral cutting file. Many of the wonderful members jumped in to see how they could help. We didn't have a picture yet so we took a guess. I decided to make a "lace floral cutting file" to ask if this was something she was looking for. A little bit later she shared a picture of the file she wanted so I went to work and made it for her.

She really liked both files. Whenever I design a new cutting file; I always look forward to the opportunity to share them with my blog family. I hope these files are useful for one of your crafting adventures.

Click here to download the Silhouette Studio Lace Magnolia Cutting File

Click here to download the Silhouette Studio Lacey Floral Flower

Here are pictures of these cutting files. The black one is how the Lacey Floral Flower looked after it was cut.   I never like to share any cutting files I've made until I test cut them.

The Lacey Floral Flower was a large cut. I don't like cutting intricate files on a small scale. Yuck! to all of the clean


  1. Very pretty I like both of them. Going to have to get some new blades first in order to cut them. They will work perfect for a couple of projects I have in mind later on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!!


  3. Thank you Myoriah and Louise for stopping by and commenting. Comments are always appreciated and they inspire me to do more. xxx- Debbie

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Wow, all your files are simply sensational. I wish we lived close we'd be dangerous... and if Kelly were too... oh MY.... perhaps its a good thing not haha!

    Blessings, hope you have a super creative a week!


  5. Thanks for the lovely files,your talent is awesome.

  6. Beautiful flowers....thank you so much for the files.


  7. Hi Debbie. Yep, know exactly what you mean about having to pry off all the little bits left over from an intricate cut! LOL. Fun designs though and thanks for sharing them with everyone.

  8. Thank you for visiting ladies and leaving some blog love. It means a lot to me to see such sweet comments. Sometimes I don't know if keeping this blog up is really worth the time but such kind comments keep me going when I think about how this little ol' blog isn't visited too much. My hubby thinks I would enjoy getting more crafts done. I had to laugh. I have insomnia and thrive on multi-tasking...LOL.


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