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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lettering Delights Create A Face set

Right now, Lettering Delights is offering a free file cutting folder. Once I went to check out the folder and saw the new Create A Face sets; I had to get them. I know my great nieces and granddaughters will have so much fun with these.

I will let everyone in on a secret, "DON"T BUY CHEAP MAGNETIC SHEETS!" .....LOL. The time it took me to make these could have been cut in half if I didn't buy these cheap printable magnetic sheets that promised the world and QUICK DRYING...NOT! I really couldn't believe the mess.IWhat brand of magnetic sheets are best? I really don't know what brand is best but, this brand is not. It's the LD Premium Magnetic Glossy Photo Paper from Amazon. It's the one which is priced at 20 sheets for $28.99.

Well, all is well that ends well. I finally let the sheets dry for a long time, doubled up on the sheets for the doll heads and then the fun began as I blinged up some jewelry and head bands. I didn't purchase the "Bling" sets over at Lettering Delights so I winged it with the Studio software and created a few pieces. I think every little girl, and even some big girls like me :) will have hours of fun playing with these.

On the Create A Face file folder, I added an extra pocket to the back because the blonde, pony tailed girl wouldn't fit on the inside. This set has so many adorable faces. I can't wait to make some more.


  1. Well done Debbie! What a great stocking filler this would make!

  2. These look just great, Debbie. Look like they were as much fun to create as I am sure your granddaughters will have playing with them. Love the pocket features too.
    Tine :)

  3. Beautifully done, Debbie. Lucky nieces and granddaughters!!


  4. Debbie, these are so cute! My granddaughters are a little too young for this, but thanks for the idea for the future. You are so creative! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, BJ

  5. Oh these are fabulous!!! Great job!

  6. It's adorable, Debbie! LD sure didn't keep that file free for very long, or else I'm just way behind the curve as usual. OH, well, I don't have anyone to make that for anyway. I wonder if you could make a briefcase for a guy that way, though, and maybe put little IOUs or special tickets in those pockets.

  7. Hi Debbie,

    These are simply FABULOUS! First chance I've had to drop in - you're going to be my favorite coffee break today as I'll stop by each time I get a few moments and catch up on you. Thanks for the tuts and wise info. How nice you went through all this trouble and saved time for us!


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