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Friday, November 9, 2012

Trying To Send Thank You Gifts

Hello, I wasn't sure how to get his message out so I'm blogging about I tried to send all of those whom made a kind and generous donation to help in my efforts to stay at home and create cutting file shares some extra cutting files as a small gift of appreciation.

When I tried to email a couple of the ladies these files I received one email address error. The first names of these ladies are Diane and Maria. If you see this blog, please email me from the email link here on my blog. It's on the upper right hand side.

I finished the other two boxes as part of the complete set of 6 Christmas boxes. I wanted everyone to be able to create a sort of wall box art Christmas tree. At the very last minute of this evenings test cutting I decided to design the 3D star to place on the top.

Please, if anyone who has donated didn't receive the 3 sets of Thank You cutting files; please email me. I truly appreciate the kindness you all have shown.


  1. Debbie, this is just beautiful all stacked I will definitely try and get one of these done, hugs, hugs, hugs

  2. Those are truly wonderful, Debbie! Thanks for the inspiration ;)

  3. These are stunning Debbie. Chrissy is so close.

  4. Hi Debbie,

    THESE FILES ARE SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL, I lurve YOU TO BITS AND PIECES. what a beautiful and thoughtful thing for you to do. Know you are APPRECIATED. Catch up with you soon!


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