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Monday, May 6, 2013

Glass Look, Design Tutorials, and More

Good Monday everyone. This week has kept me hopping busy with my precious grandchildren. We've had loads of fun and lots of activities which I would love to share real soon. School will be out soon and children will love doing some of the things we did this week. Right now, I want to make sure to share some videos on designing with Studio.

The first video is on designing cutting files that can be made into cards as well as print and cut images. After I made this video, one of my YouTube subscribers wrote to me in a comment asking if I could make a video about making images to look like glass. I made several samples I will share but first, I want everyone to see if they can design their own images and glass look images.

Later, when I have the time, I'll convert these to .dxf and .svg files then make sure to share them for anyone who would like to have them.

I have a cat named Qunicy. We named him Quincy because he is the most caring, lovable cat a family could have as a part of their family. He cuddles with our two dogs and never seems to mind that he is out numbered. He takes really good care of out two other fur babies because he likes to groom them. He is sort of like a little doctor. So, he is named after the old show about Dr. Quicncy. too much of a story but sometimes I'm moved to

Each one of these files were created in Studio. I cut them on photo paper.Below are the videos. You can always click on them to go to my YouTube channel to get a bigger view.

The first picture is a set of glass look images drawn in Studio. I forgot to cut the lid to the jar on the far right. The second and third picture show a few of the images drawn in Studio. I've shared a print and cut bee in an earlier post but this time I wanted to make a reading bee. He has little glasses on and a book he can hold. The sweet little bird was inspired by a small metal sculpture my husband brought home to me last week. He knew I would love it and I did. So much I had to draw her. The last two images are the Umbrella Baby Arrival and a Lace fan. The baby umbrella arrival will be used for baby shower cards.I think they'll look really sweet.


  1. Wow Debbie! These are amazing! I love the reading bee! Thank you so much for sharing and for the videos. I completely ignored all the possibilities Silhouette has.. I will go and have some fun right away. Big hug, Sunshine

  2. Oh, prettiness!! I want to make that fan card, it is so pretty! I am going to watch the tuts when I get home.
    Thank you for sharing Debbie :D

  3. I've been doing more and more designing in Silhouette and your video have been invaluable. Thanks for sharing all your talents. I was wondering, do you think a tablet would make designing in Silhouette easier. I was thinking of getting one to use with Photoshop Elements.

  4. They look absolutely stunning and sooo cute!!
    Well done
    Mary x

  5. Thanks so much Debbie, that's so kind of you to do that tutorial for us.

  6. Wonderful videos, Debbie.
    And I like your latest creations...especially Quincy. He must be a well-behaved cat to be allowed to sit next to that cute bird!

    Jessie Adams

  7. Hi Suzee, I have a Wacom tablet it's nice to use with Photoshop but, I don't use it with the Studio software. I've become pretty good at using the touch pad on my laptop. My husband can't believe I prefer using the touch pad over a mouse.

    Thank you everyone for stopping by and leaving comments. All of your comments mean a lot to me and are very appreciated. Hugs and smiles, Debbie

  8. Thanks for another great video!!!

  9. Great designs, Debbie! You have been one busy lady. Thanks so much for sharing the videos. I have learned a lot from you and have even surprised myself by designing in studio! Thanks and Big Hugs!!

  10. You are a creative genius!!! Bravo!!!

  11. Debbie
    These are AMAZING!!! Love your creativity!!!!



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