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Friday, May 17, 2013

Gum Paste and Cards...huh?

It's such a blessing to have met so many creative people in my life. Through the good things that can come from the internet I've made new friends and cherish each one.

Today, I am honored and thrilled to share three creative projects made with cutting files I shared with two very talented women. The first project is a cake. Inga whom considers herself a n"hobby" baker make this gorgeous cake using a peony flower card cutting file I shared with her. She used her Cricut to cut the gumpaste and arranged each petal to look so perfect and enchanting. the beautiful shimmer of the flower petals was created by using Squire Kitchen metallic gold and copper dust. Inga said after she applied the shimmer she gave it a quick steam to bring out its brilliance.

Next, I have two more cards made by my friend Kim from Scraps of Faith Blog. She has the wonderful talent of being able to compose a card with her flow of ideas. Every card she creates is one of a kind.She never creates more than one. It's like she throws the mold away.

Kim asked me if I would make her a tool box and a crib with a mobile for the two cards shown. I just love to see what she does with the files I make for her. It is such a delight to see what she can do to bring a card to life with her style and creativity.

I feel so blessed when I receive an email from someone whom shares their creations. It doesn't matter if they've used one of my files or not. This is probably why the Gallery over at the Silhouette Plus forum is one of my favorite places to visit. What a place the Gallery is! It is filled with many wonderful creations of people who just want to make beautiful things.

Enjoy these beautiful creations. Now it's time for you to go get creative. I hope you find these as inspiring as I do.


Inga's Peony Cake

Kim's Fixer Boy Card

Kim's Baby Steps Card


  1. How fabulous are they? Lovely creations.
    Tine :)

  2. Wow,Really talented ladies. Of coarse combined with your great files.

  3. Wow, is correct. Thanks so much for sharing their creations. Wow.

  4. That it so true,I could not have done this without help fron lovely Debbie.

  5. Beautifully designed creations. Congrats to all.

  6. You are generous to a fault,
    You're uncommonly kind,
    I hope you know how very very special I think you are, Debbie.

    I'm so glad to know a wonderful person like you.

    ♥ Barb


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