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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter Treat Containers

Good day everyone, I'm still keeping busy with Easter crafting. I have a lot of cards made already...woohoo! I'm actually ahead of things for a change. The next thing I began thinking about was some cute containers to put some Easter goodies in. I first made a "Circle Purse" to fill with some Easter treats for my granddaughters and girlfriends then I thought; hmmm...... as usual I can't think of anything for the fellows. Well, this morning I thought to go unisex and simple so I created a " Easter Egg Treat Box". This box was a doozer. I made a few prototypes until I finally settled on this one.Both the purse and the Easter Egg set up nicely. The Easter Egg Treat box would also make a lovely Easter decoration.

The one thing I don't like about this is; the seams from wher I glued the tabbed gussets show. After I already had it all together I thought; I should have lined the outside of the gussets with some 1.5 inch ribbon to hide the seams.

The reason why I had to make two tabbed gusset pieces was to make sure it wrapped entirely around the egg shape and to make sure people who have the original Silhouette or Portraits can cut on a letter size format. All in all, even without the ribbon to cover the seams it turned out pretty nice. Please let me give you a few tip on the "Easter Egg Treat Box".

1. There are two hinges. These will be glued on the left hand side of the box. To make sure it opens nicely glue the perforated tab ends first then glue the "circle" shaped tab to the side of the egg/ tabbed gussets.

2. Make sure to add both closures. One on the bottom and one on the side. This will assure the egg stays closed.

3. You can add many pieces of candies inside the egg. For my prototype I added things like butterscotch and other hard candies. The one thing to remember is don't add too many heavy candies or the box will open.

4. I hand cut a piece of clear acetate to glue behind the design ( You can use the liner which is in a light pink as a tempalte for cutting the acetate). This will ensure your treats are visible but will stay in the box.

I also waned to let you know; in the "Cirlce Purse" cutting file there are two shapes with the line color purple, these pieces are for lining the inside of the purse. I also decided to double up on the card stock for the purse handle. This will make it a bit more sturdy for the little ones to carry.

Here you can download the ----> Circle Purse Cutting File

Here you can download the ----> Easter Egg Treat Box Cutting File


  1. lovely files thank you for sharing xx

  2. Thank you Debbie for sharing the cute purse cut file.

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  5. Such wonderful projects. Love them both!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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  8. Thanks, Debbie, these are both darling! With 3 little granddaughters and one that is grown these sure will come in handy! You have been busy lately and I'm sure it's good for the soul. Hugs!!

  9. Such awesome work, you are making my Easter treats easier too.

  10. lovely files thank you for sharing

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  12. Lovely projects as always Debbie...I love them...thank you for sharing...!!

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