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Friday, March 28, 2014

Gorgeous Egg Vase Freebie

Good day everyone. I'm so excited to share this project/cutting file! I know you'll have lots of fun making these. They are easy to make and look great.

Sandra Alicante from the Silhouette Plus forum and I worked together creating this wonderfully fun and easy to put together "Easter Egg Vase". Sandra had the creative idea of making this lovely vase. I worked with Sandra to tweak the cutting file to make it easy to put together. Together, we also came up with various cuttable embellishments added to one grouped area on the cutting file. I always try to keep all files together within a file. You can always ungroup the emebellishments and just use the ones you would like or create your own special details.

 It is all set up in a letter size (8.5 x 11 inch ) cardstock so all Silhoutte and other cutting machine users can cut this lovely box. The lid comes off and can be filled with Easter treats to share with your Easter guests. It makes a beautiful Easter decoration for the home and can be a special gift to your Easter gift recipient.

Sandra and I had a blast working together to perfect this cutting file. Sandra is new to designing but she jumped right in and has been creating some wonderful shares. She flattered me when she said it was my videos which made her have the interest in designing and sharing. She is one sweet lady. I can't say enough good things about her.

As most of you already know, I never share anything unless it's been test cut. Sandra and I made many of these test cuts in order to perfect this cutting file. I'm adding some pictures of Sandra's Egg Vase( which ended up loading to be set at the bottom of the pictures and when I tried to move them around I made a mess so I'm leaving them they way they came into the blog) and a couple of the  Egg Vases I made. Sandra has some of the most beautiful paper and wanted to create a more masculine kind of egg. I think it is so elegant looking. She cut out the teardrops in a silver paper and really made it unique and even more beautiful. The one I made in white was the last one cut. I intended to only cut it on white cardstock because I didn't have the intentions to keep it. The next thing I knew; I was grabbing bits and piecies and gluing them on so I now have both Easter Egg Vases sitting around. My family has been here the past couple of days and they love them so it looks like I'll be making more.

You can download the cutting file here ----> Sandra and Debbies Easter Egg Vase
The file is in Studio, .svg, and .dxf formats for all cutting machine users to enjoy.

Thank you Sandra for being so much fun. I'm looking forward to doing more projects with you.

Sandra's Easter Egg Vase
I love the paper she used!


  1. These are BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you both for the file!!! You are so very creative Debbie. Thank you for sharing your wonderful designs!

  2. Very cute. These would cute to place tulips or daffodils in (of course paper ones)

  3. So cute! Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Adorable! Thanks so much for sharing your creative work! Hugs!!


  5. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us.

  6. Great team work. Congrats to you both.


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