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Sunday, July 20, 2014

How It All Started....Baby In A Crib Card and More

I finally have a couple of new cards. The one card was so much work, but it was also so much fun. Every now and then I need to make cards I place up for donations as this helps to keep me in supplies and doing the things I do to help others. I hope you all will enjoy them. The Baby In A Crib Card turned out so cool! I'm also adding a new Swing Card for those who make a donation. I appreciate the support I've been shown and I hope these cards will bring you lots of crafty fun  .

What a week! As usual, I keep many irons in the fire and often find myself getting lost as I go from one project to another. This being said; I can't resist a challenge. I have a dear friend who likes to test me in a good way. Every now and then she will find something on the internet (usually Pinterest....she's addicted! Patty, but you admitted Patty sent me a picture of a card she wanted me to make as challenge for making cutting files. I enjoy a good challenge and seem to make time for them. Insomnia has really helped  me to keep up and get a few fun things done that I haven't had the time for.

Her challenge was the cutest little bear in a bed. I love paper piecing, bears, and dimensional cards so I took on this challenge and am glad to say it was successful. Of course, this made me think of other things to make. I haven't designed any new cards in a while. Since the design of the Bear was a challenge card made from a photo I'm not sure if I can share this or not.

With baby showers and new baby arrivals coming up soon, my mind went to baby things and I created the Baby In A Crib card. It is so... cute! My dear husband it so sweet. He told me he can hardly wait to bring it to work to show the ladies. I spent more time on making this card than any card I've ever made. I couldn't stop thinking of things. This card comes with all sorts of goodies. I made bibs for them head bands, mobile, bottles, bears, hats and made sure to make the babies in three different skin tone colors using a skin tone color chart.

When I made the very first Baby In A Crib card my always thinking husband thought it would be cut if the baby would move in the crib. I loved his idea! So I added a homemade Wobbler. You should see how adorable this little baby looks wobbling in its crib. I wish I would have made a video. If I get the time, I just might have to make one.

Some time ago I made a video showing how to make the homemade Wobblers then I remembered it was one of the videos I deleted by accident. Good news! I found another YouTube tutorial by Charming Custom Crafts and she has a great tutorial. I do mine a little differently. After I loop the wire and leave a little bit of wire on both ends to poke through the holes I bend them flat, tape over it then glue another circle on top to cover the wire. If you would like to take a look at this video you can take a look here -----> Homemade Wobbler Tutorial

Below are some photos (I still wish I could take better photos) of the Baby In A Crib, and Swing Card 2014. These are the cards I will email to those who make a donation. The Baby In A Crib is in Studio V2, Studio V3, and .svg format. I totally forgot to convert the Swing Card 2014. Oh, I almost forgot! The Baby In A Crib card comes with a cutting file envelope for mailing and giving. The nice thing about this card is that it folds flat. I did make the mobile a little too high, but it fit in the envelope I made so all is well. The first card I made will probably just sit around. After seeing this baby with the Wobbler I wouldn't want to give it to anyone any other way. Did I say it is so....Cute! Thank for looking and again, thank you for your kindness and support.

Update: I took the time to make a video. Of course, I'm not too good at making videos

Challenge Card


  1. The crib and baby are so cute,you're talent is something to be admired,and your willingness to share with use.Can't wait to make it,Blessings ,Jocelan

  2. This is precious! I have the same problem with letting go of the cards I make too. You are so very talented.

  3. What a sweet and creative card, Debbie!
    One of my coworkers is expecting her first baby and I know she'd be thrilled to have this.
    Thanks for offering your file.

  4. Love the Baby in crib card. My niece is due anytime...perfect!!!

  5. Love it! Lady you have great talent! Must also have organization and patience too! Hope I will remember to come back on payday for donation. Also hope for organization and motivation too soon! ;) By the tme I finish working on file and find the papers, time's all gone. Then it sits!
    Shannon H.

  6. Debbis, this card is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen. I definitely want the directions! I will be back on payday with a donation so you can send it to me. How do I send the donation and to whom?

    1. Hi Darlene, the donation button is at the top right part of my blog.You can also email me by clicking on the "Email Me" link. I will go ahead and email it to you so you can start having some crafty fun. Hugs, Debbie

  7. Sent you a donation for the darling files. Thank you for your tremendous work~

  8. The baby in a crib card is absolutely darling!

  9. Wonderful! I love reading stories like this, you must have been so proud. Hope you're all doing well now!

  10. This baby in a crib card is so adorable! You have a great talent!


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