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Monday, July 14, 2014

Hurry! Hurry! Hear All About It..... Newspaper Trinket Box and Candy Dish

Lately, I haven't had a lot of time to craft as much as I like, but this weekend we had two of our wonderful grandchildren. Our granddaughter loves to make things so I decided we would try our hands at making some recycled newspaper projects. We decided on making a trinket box (this is what my granddaughter wanted) and I made a candy dish. She loves her blinged up trinket box and really enjoyed painting it up with the Ink Splash watercolor wash. She had a hard time making the rolls so the grandma (me).... lol had to make all of them and do the rolling to make the base, lid, and circles. She helped with the gluing and picking out the embellishments. I hot glued the embellishments and at the age of six she didn't need to use the glue gun even though she wanted to try.Not on my watch; I've burned myself one too many times to let her use the glue gun. :)

Here are some pictures of the end results. The supplies and directions are below. My granddaughter is so proud of her trinket box. She said she was going to sleep with it.

Here are the supplies you need.

1. Several about three packets of the lovely fliers they insert inside your newspaper.Fold over into thirds and cut. The strips will be about 10 inches in length and 3 inches wide. They don't have to be perfect.

2. A 12 inch wooden skewer and a marker with a large barrel or something similar. You'll be using these to roll the newspaper.

3. A fast drying glue. I used Allen's Turbo Tacky Glue

4. Gloss-Lustre' Modge Podge

5. Optional: Krylon Triple Thick Glaze

6. Thick rubber band

Start on the lower left corner of the strip of newspaper and rolling with the skewer. When you get to the end you dab a bit of glue to hold the strip closed and you will now have a tubular piece. Roll enough of these to make the base the size you want it to be. I used about 30 for the candy dish base.

After you have all of the strips rolled begin flattening them out with your hand or a rolling pin. My hands got tired and I learned the rolling pin was easier.

Roll the flattened pieces on the skewer. Make sure to roll it fairly tight. When you get towards the end, add a dab of glue to the next tubular piece and insert it in the end of the one you just rolled. Keep on doing this until you reach the base size you would like. ** Hint: Have a rubber band handy. If you need to leave your project or use your hands for something else the rubber band will hold the circular base together until you are ready to glue it.

Once you have glued the end of your base set it aside and begin rolling the edge pieces. Depending on which one you like. If you like the large holes in the candy dish you will use the wide barrel of the marker. The bottom pieces are smaller and use two strips rolled together and the top circles use 3 pieces. If you like the tight rolls like the ones in the trinket box you use a skewer to roll these to the size you want.

After you have made your circular rolls you can now glue the to the edges of the base. You will need to make 2 rolls as shown in the pictures.

Now it's time to make the lid. You will do this in the same manner as the base. Every now and then check it to see how much you need by holding it over the opening and see how it will fit. You will be shaping the piece so you need to remember to allow room make the lid. After you have the size you need, you can begin shaping it. Be careful and gentle as you shape the lid. You do this by gently pushing up the center and working your way down. If you've ever quilled you'll understand how easily this is done. It's really easy, even if you haven't quilled, you just need to take it slow.

After the lid is finished, you will want to brush the Mod Podge on the inside and let it dry a little while, then paint the top of the lid and the dish. If you want to use a watercolor wash do not Mod Podge until after you paint. My granddaughters trinket box is painted and the candy dish is not painted. Please don't place the lid on the dishes until it is thoroughly dry and no longer has a tacky feel to it. If you dish continues to feel tacky spray it with the Krylon triple Thick Glaze.

These are quite lovely, but they are time consuming. When I make more of them, I'll make some of the rolled trips while watching T.V. and have piles of them ready for the next dish.

I hope everyone will get the time to make these. They look really nice and can be quite decorative.


  1. GRAND KIDS??????
    You don't look old enough to have kids, let alone grand kids.
    Love the project!
    Good job Grammie

  2. OMG-oshness!!!! I love what you and your granddaughter made from something that would have been tossed out. She had a most memorable fun time with grandma. That is priceless. Thanks for sharing. hugs, Patty

  3. Adorable! My almost 3 year old may have the attention span to make a project soon I hope . ;) He did watch the Cameo cut out a train and also helped make tuna salad this week. He was so excited to eat until the first bite. Oh well he lost the taste for it he had when much younger, just hated for that look his first time actually behaving to sit for a few minutes.
    Shannon H.


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