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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Silhouette Plus November Challenge

Over at the Silhouette Plus forum a challenge is hosted by the winner of the previous challenge. Holly, the November challenge host was not able to host the September challenge so, we are a month off but it is working out great.

Holly's challenge was to make a simple card design so multiple cards could be easily and quickly made to make a gift set of cards. We only had these four entries. I guess with Christmas crafting, shopping, and other holiday things going on, the guys and gals at the forum just couldn't squeeze another thing in. We sure had some gorgeous entries.

The talent on this forum, never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Below are the entries.

This is my challenge entry. A very simple setr of Christmas Cards
to cut on the Silhouette 

Challenge Entry #2 by:Debby (ekimdnamed)

These little pictures don't do these card the justice of creativity they
deserve. Debby's card set is ooolalal!

Challenge # 3 and the Winner of the Challenge is:
Shawna (kiyakgirl)

Congratulations to Shawna. These are beautiful!

Last but not least. This gorgeous card set entry is by:
 Gayle (Cut-It-Out)

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