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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tutorials Help

Being such a visual learner I decided to start making Silhouette tutorials to help others enjoy their Silhouettes even more. I was recently asked to make some tutorials covering the basics of the tools. On the Silhouette Plus group forum many members have questions on how to do certain things wit the Silhouette Studio software. It makes me feel great to be able to help out with some visuals.

This week, one of our new members wanted to make a frame inside a frame with welded snowflakes in between the tow frames. She was having a lot of trouble figuring out the welding process. I wrote out directios for her but then thought....what if she is a visual learner like me. I woke up bright and early this moring to make her a video tutorial.

If any of you would like to learn more about certain functions of the Studio software, please leave a comment here and I will make every effort to create some more learning tutorials based on your requests.

Here is a picture of the frame she was wanting to make. Keep in mind, I don't spend too much time perfecting things when I'm making a tutorial. I try to keep them short so YouTube will allow me to upload them based on the size. You can check out the tutorial on creating your own customized frames HERE

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  1. I'm a visual learner too, thanks for posting this! I've bookmarked your YouTube channel so I can keep going back...I know I'll need it!


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