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Friday, June 21, 2013

Everything Is Coming Up Roses

I'm delighted with this Rose Pop Up Card. What a display it is when the surprise of a blooming rose appears when the card is opened. I saw this card while browsing Google Images. I find so many inspirations over at Google. Then I found a site selling a file similar to this one. My search was not over. All of the sudden a diagram appeared. I new I could draw the shapes in Studio.

I made the first sample cut then realized I needed to make some adjustments so I changed up the file, cut and assembled it again. No, it was still not quite the easy to put together kind of files I like and like to share. One more adjustment, one more cut and tada! a lovely blooming rose.

To make this, cut out all of the rose shapes in the colored light weight card stock of your choice. Glue the side tabs which close up the sections of the petal then tuck the two end tabs in them in the order of the numbers I placed on the cutting file into the slits of the hexagon.On the back side either tape or glue these tucked in tabs into place. Once you have all of the rose petal shapes into place ( the center part can be a little tricky but it's not essential to get it perfect) take the hexagon with the long tabs and place them into the slits of the inner card liner and glue them into place. To make the rose look a little more rose like you may want to use your finger or some tool like the McGill Paper Blossoms Tool Kit to rub them into a shape or turn the ends of the petals.You could also glue some wood beads to the end of dowel rod to make a similar tool.

Once all of the rose is created the way you want it to look and the petals are glued to the hexagon and the strips on the hexagon are glued to the under side of the card, cut out the cover for the card. add glue or double sided tape to one side of the inner rose portion of the card, line it up to the center of the card cover then fold both cards closed. Now you can add tape or glue to the other side of the inner rose card. I do this just to make sure I have it aligned to the center and it opens nicely.

Are your ready to be charmed. Close your Rose Pop Up Card and then open it to reveal your lovely, hand created, blooming rose.

Next I created a flower. I didn't know what to call this flower so I just called it "Flower by Debbie". What a creative For this flower I also used the McGill Paper Blossoms tools and a quilling tool to roll the center piece. Once the center piece is rolled, let it unroll a little in your hand.You want it to look fuller and make it easier to bend out the tiny strips. Once you've let it unroll, glue the end to close up the fringed piece then place it in the center of your flower. I made a couple of really large flowers but you can resize this file to make it smaller.

All of the files I share are on .svg,.dxf, and Studio file formats. They also include pictures.

To download the "Flower by Debbie" click -----> HERE

To download the "Rose Pop Up Card" click -----> HERE


McGill Paper Blossoms Paper Tool


  1. Debbie the flowers are lovely,thanks for sharing.
    Blessing's Jocelan

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and creative projects! I can only hope to get to your level in the next 5-10 yrs! :)

  3. Hi Debbie. The blooming rose card really amazes me. I hope I can recreate it. I will follow your instructions and try my bed. and Thanks for the other flower too -Gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous blooms, Debbie. I particularly like the lilac one with it's yellow centre. Thank you for sharing with everyone too. I am sure everyone would appreciate these for their summer cards.
    Tine :)

  5. Wow! The flowers are terrific, Debbie. Thanks for sharing the files and your talent. Can't wait to try to make the flowers

  6. Fantastic as always.

  7. These are just gorgeous! I probably won't be attempting to put the pop-up together because I'm better with visual instructions, but what a fabulous creation! I think the Debbie flower might be more my speed! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  8. WOW! You are one busy creative gal! Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe these cards, they are beyond beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing the files. Big Hugs!!

  9. Oh these are gorgeous Debbie!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent :)

  10. Hi Everyone, thank you for visiting and blessing me with such nice comments.

    Ruth, please try the rose card. Once you see the cutting file it will all come to you how it is put together. It's a lot easier than I made it sound in my written tutorial. I'm terrible with written tutorials. If I didn't have a house full I would make you a video tutorial.

    Hugs to all, Debbie

  11. Debbie!!
    Wow, Wow. OMW!! I love it. It is just stunning!! I love that you share with us.


  12. Great rose and card! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Very pretty flowers Debbie.Congrats.

  14. Hi...Just wanted to let you know I found your card the other day. I had made a card using a similar file before I found yours (yours looks much easier to put together) Today I shared a link to your blog in the MTC Forum....I know they will love your file!!

  15. Thank You for sharing

  16. hi I would love to download the beautiful flower rose card but nothing happens pls help Thank you I just found your wonderful blog!

    1. Hi Chris, I'm not sure what has happened to the download links. I've been getting many messages about the same issue. If you email me by clicking on the "Email Me" link at the top right hand side of the page; I'll be glad to email the cutting files to you. Have a blessing filled day, Debbie


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