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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Here in the United States the fireworks are ready to be set off. Here in my neighborhood we are already hearing fireworks. The grills will be smoking, the watermelon and cantaloupe sliced, everyone going to a barbecue with a covered dish and the holiday tables will be loaded with a large variety of summer picnic food. To help those whom are planning this kind of day I made a cute table decoration firecracker. It can also be used as a treat holder.

To use it has a table decoration you don't really need to add the bottom tabbed circle. The top circle with the hole in it helps hold the firecracker sparks in place. It's really easy to place. Just glue the 4 long tabs on the top outside part of firecracker tube part. I used my fingers to give the long "sparks" a curl, then twisted them at the bottom and wrapped some tape around them to hold them together so they would fit nicely into the circle piece with the hole in it.

If you want to make this as treat holder you will need to add the multi-tabbed piece. Laying it on a hard surface, fold the tabs upwards, lay the firecracker cylinder flat and glue to of the tabbed circular piece to the tube part. At this point you need to roll the cylinder piece to fit the tabbed piece. Once you've done this glue the cylinder to make it close up. Next, un-tuck the tabbed circle and add glue to the remaining tabs and fit it up inside the firecracker tube. The tab 4 tabbed piece should only be glued on two of the tabs so when the treat holder firecracker cone top is taken off the circle 4 tabbed piece can be lifted up to reveal the treats.

This is really fast and easy to put together. I set it up as a Print and Cut file but you can always turn off the registration marks and use design or colored paper. The zipped folder contains .svg, .dxf, and Studio cutting files. I hope this firecracker brings your 4th of July guests a big smile.

To download the "Firecracker" cutting file click-------> HERE


  1. Lovely idea, Debbie. Good use of the red/white/blue too. I don't think my sweets would stop around long enough to go into any 'receptacle' other than my mouth! LOL.
    Tine :)

  2. Debbie!!
    Love it!! You are so creative!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


  3. Cute, Debbie. My little pup hates Fireworks, but this one would be welcome at my house!

  4. Thanks Debbie :)
    My youngest grandaughter will love this

  5. Cute as can be! Thanks for the free cut file, Debbie. Hugs!!

  6. Thanks so much Debbie for the cute firecracker file! It will be on my table on the 4th!


  7. I love your Firecracker table decoration/treat holder. Thank you for sharing your design. ♥

  8. Great project Debbie. Congrats.


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