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Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Father's Day Pop Up Card

I know this is cutting it close. I actually had this cutting file made a couple of weeks ago but my Box account ran out of bandwidth and then I kept on forgetting to do the test cut. I finally made the test cut yesterday. It's a good thing I did because I made a big oopsie on the pop up part. I fixed it and now it's ready to share with all of you.

It's been pretty busy place here at the homestead. My Mom is here visiting, my aunt and uncle will be here this Thursday. We've had lots and lots of company and fun family things going on. I hope to be able to get some crafting done in between all of the good company and the cooking I've been doing.

This is totally off topic but I want to share my latest trial and errors in cooking. We were watching Good Morning America and they were tasting the newest food craze; the Cronuts by Dominique Ansel. Since we are way to far from Soho, NY to try these devilish delights, I decided to make some faux Cronuts from the Pillsbury copycat recipe. I had to do a little tweaking by trial and error. I made my own home made Bavarian Cream filling and Caramel Syrup then fried the Cronuts in Grapeseed Oil.I had to get a little healthier All I can say is, this is some dangerous They are amazing! and so worth the burnt ones I had to go through to get it just right.Each one was filled with Bavarian Cream, then covered with a  vanilla glaze, topped off with Caramel drizzle and a very light sprinkle of Kosher Salt.Yes, I let the devil in the kitchen....hee, hee. :) The next batch I make I'll try to get a photo of one before the Cronut Gremlins take them away.

Okay, back to the business of cards and cutting files. I'm going to add some embellishments to this sample card and get in the mail for my Dad. Then I'll make another card for hubby. I hope this file still comes in handy for all of you who are like me and haven't been able to get everything done you want to get done and still need a Father's Day card.

*** For anyone who downloaded this file previously. I apologize. By accident, I shared the file which, I forgot to weld the letters F and S to  the word Fathers. I always test cut my files and discovered I had made this error but still uploaded the wrong file. This link will take you to the correct file.; FATHERS DAY POP UP CARD 2. If you would like this file you can download it -----> HERE  This file is in .svg, .dxf, and Studio formats.


  1. Thanks for sharing Debbie! Love this card! You are so creative. I haven't even had time to do Father's Day cards yet. This may just save me!! Big Hugs!!

  2. Debbie lovely card and know I what I will use for my hubby.Thanks for sharing the cut file.Sure sounds like you will be working both ends of the candle.Can you please email some of the goodies they sound awesome.
    Blessing's Jocelan

  3. I love this card. Thanks so much for sharing your talent once again.

  4. Thank you Debbie:) Perfect timing for me since I haven't made cards yet.

  5. Yes, it will come in handy for me....still have 3 Father's Day cards to make! Thanks so much. Enjoy your company!

  6. I have made my first one and now I will use this one next!

  7. Thank you for so generously sharing this file, Debbie! Just got my Fathers Day cards done this morning...but I'm definitely saving for file to use next year!
    BTW...I'm just drooling after reading about your Cronuts! Can't wait to see a photo...and maybe a shared recipe? Thanks again for always providing such fun and often much needed inspiration!

  8. Thank you so much for this and all your tutorial; greatly appreciated; made a donation! : )

  9. Thank you for sharing, will certainly get some use out of this one.... thanx again.

  10. Hi Everyone, thank you for visiting and leaving such nice comments. The comments are sure good for the soul. :) I was so worried I had posted this file way too late. I'm glad it's still useful.

    Sandy, thank you for the donation and for being so thoughtful. I appreciate it very much.

    Eunice, I have to make some more Cronuts this week. My aunt wants to try them. I'll have to make sure to get a picture and post the recipe. It's hard to keep them from disappearing. The package of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls only make three pretty Cronuts the fourth one it's suppose to make turned out not so pretty.

  11. Hi there,

    Ty for your file but there is a problem with it. The F and the S isn't attached when it cuts. Great card though x

  12. Oh No! Christine and everyone I am soooo..... sorry. I must have uploaded the original file. When I test cut it I saw where I didn't weld the F and the S so I re-made the cutting file but ding-a-ling me uploaded the wrong file. I'll get this fixed asap. Soooo....very sorry.

    1. Don't worry about it. I managed to weld the letters but probably not as well as what you've done....;-)

  13. Hi Debbie. Mistake or not with the original file, this makes a lovely card I am sure your dad will really appreciate it. As will some other fathers by the sound of it!
    Tine :)
    PS No idea what Cronuts are but I bet your kitchen was a smell-fest with all those culinary delights. :)


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