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Monday, April 30, 2012

Easy Outdoor Garden Light

Oops, what's happening to me. I'm making something without any help from my Silhouette but, I could have. :-) If I wanted to make some of the flower embellishments with the Silhouette I would have had to use the Outdoor Mod Podge on them too. I was lazy today, so I grabbed some flowers and greenery I had laying around.

It's fun making things that can be used around our homes and gardens. When I find something I like, I can hardly wait to share it here. Below you will find the items you need and some instructions to help you along the way. I promise, this is very easy and they look great lit up at night.

I tried to get a good photo in the dark but this was the best I could do. Believe me they are pretty as can be outside. A very pale blue was the color I chose to add to the Mod Podge.

The items you will need are shown below. Lets' get started!

1. Mix a few drops of food coloring ( the shade and the coloring is your choice) into about 1/3 cup of the out door Mod Podge

2. Remove the Solar top from the housing so you will just have the top part. Charge it up in the sunlight. ( The solar light I used was bought at Bed Bath and Beyond for $1.99)

3. Remove the center piece from you Ball canning jar and screw the opened hole lid back onto the Ball jar.

4. Paint even coats of the food coloring/ Mod Podge mixture onto your jar and let dry overnight.

5. Take a 1 inch piece of ribbon and hot glue it to the very edge of the solar light piece. This will help hold it on the jar. You don't want to glue it to the jar because you wouldn't be able to change the batteries.

6. Now that your jar is dry, here comes the excitement. Take your floral wire and wrap around the underlip of the jar, hoop over a piece to make the hanger, then loop it under the adjacent side and twist into place.

7. Time to embellish your Garden Light. I used some floral stuff I had laying around the house and wrapped it around the floral wire hanger.

P.S. Save that bottom part of the solar light. No telling what we can use this for but I'm sure we'll come up with something clever.

To make this you will need: Glue Gun, Wire Cutters, Embellishments of choice

 Ball Canning Jar

 One inch Ribbon

 Inexpensive Solar Light

  28 Gauge Floral Wire

 Outdoor Mod Podge

 Food Coloring


  1. That is really cute. You come up with fabulous things. Thanks for sharing your idea.

    Dare I confess that I've had an unopened container of Mod Podge since Halloween. LOL! Guess it is time I get it out and use it.

  2. Myoriah, thank you for leaving a comment. I thought nobody cared for this one so I was going to delete it.Feedback is kind of important to know what is worth the time or what is a waste of time. I've always said; "Even if I do something and only one person can enjoy it, it's worth doing." Thanks again. :-)

  3. What an absolutely amzing idea! This I have to try. I do alot of canning, too and always have mason jars around. Thanks so much, Debbie.

  4. I love it! What a great way to use those canning jars! Cant wait to try it. Thank you!

  5. thank you for this idea, i love it and will make some this spring.


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