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Monday, April 9, 2012

More Water Bottle Recylces

These were last minute Easter projects made with yes, those water bottles. I pretty much emptied our recycle bin on these projects since I made so many. The Easter baskets were made but cutting out the bottoms of the water bottles, punching holes in the sides, using some pretty colored pipe cleaners as handles, and some scrap ribbon and lace for the decorations. I used my paper shredder to make filling for the mini baskets.

The red vase was made by using Modge Podge to adhere some tissue paper to it. After it dried I added some red glitter to make the designs (they are hard to see in the photo) on the cup. Then I grabbed the lace, pipe cleaner, and ribbon to embellish it.

When I make something like these; I also try to think how they can be used for other things like parties, showers, and other holidays. I hope these will inspire ideas on how to recycle by re- using some things you have laying in around the house or in your recycle bin. Happy crafting everyone! :-)

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  1. How creative and fun! These are beautiful! Nice job!


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