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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fairies In A Jar

Today is my granddaughter's fourth birthday. She is having a little party. Her gift from me is a girl's day our. She  loves to have her nails painted. So, grandma is taking her to a salon to get her nails and toes painted, go to a nice lunch all dressed up, and just hang out together enjoying a special time together. Our grandchildren love these one on one days.

Things You'll Need

1. A Silhouette Cutting machine or good pair of scissors The cutting file download is located below.
2. Jewelry Wire
3. DecoArt Glo In The Dark writer paint
4. White card stock for printing images
5. Any color of card stock to make the circles for the lids
6. Small and Medium Glue Dots
7. One Quart Ball Jar
8. Embellishments of your choice
9. Ribbon to secure the Fairies In A Jar tag.

* Please make sure to be cautious with the glass jar and small children. It would be great if you can find a nice clear plastic jar.

** Note: When the fairies loose their glow, just place them in some light for a bit and the glow will  come right back. :-) 

Time to get to I didn't want to show up at her party without anything in hand so, I made her these fairies in a jar. She LOVES! fairies. In the picture the very thin silver thread shows but, they barely show when you see them in real life. Each pair of little wings was painted with a ArtDeco dimensional writer paint, then I poked pin holes into one of the two 2.265 circle cut on the my Cameo and cut out wings I filled with various colors. Each wing that hangs takes two wings back to back. I glued them together, leaving a bit of room to place a Glue Dot so I could place the silver thread between them to hang. Now, back to that circle I already cut out and poked 27 holes in. After the wings completely dry, thread the strings with the wings through the holes (A good jewelry thread works great!) and tie a knot at the top to hold them into place. After all of your fairies are tied, take the second 2.265 circle and add some medium sized Glue Dots to it. Line up bot of the circles and press together. This circle will cover up all of the threading places. You are ready to add the last of the glue dots and place it into the clear Ball jar! Add several medium Glue Dots to the top of the circle and press it into the lid of the jar. Decorate your jar as desired. Add your fair tag. My tag says; "We little fairies come from afar, to live inside this pretty jar. When your room goes dark at night, our wings will glow to give you light.", you can make up your own saying or use mine.

Ready for the fun part? Take your fairy creation into a dark room and see the magic come to life. I wish I could have taken a decent picture of the beautiful glow.

* If you would like to enchant the little boys or girls in your life with a fairy jar please check back later for the cutting file. I have to go and get ready for the party and have the file on my other computer.

A special thanks goes out to my wonderful husband who ran all over town getting me the supplies for this project and to my youngest daughter who spent the night because she was sick but got up in the morning feeling better and helped me paint all 27 = 58 sides of the wings.

Here is the link to the cutting file :-) Fairies In A Jar Silhouette Cutting File

* Please don't share this cutting file. It is for personal use only, not to be sold or shared on other websites. Also, please don't take this idea and claim it as your own. I know most people wouldn't do this but sadly, I have found others whom have. If you make the fairies in the jar please link it back to my blog. Thank you all for visiting my. Hugs - Debbie aka doodlingdebbie  


  1. I think there may be an about-to-be-born-any-minute little girl might enjoy these in her room in a few months! I'll look forward to your cutting file! TIA, Debbie!

  2. That is beyond super cute. She will think you are the best ever. Thanks for sharing. I would be afraid to mail anything like that but will have to keep it in my mind if I get the chance to drive to go see my granddaughters.

  3. Thank you Myoriah and Barbara, the kids loved it. When my granddaughter opened it, we turned off the lights and the children at the party went crazy. I have a couple of orders for it and some of the other moms there asked for my business card. This made me feel so good! but the reaction of the children was the best. :-)

  4. This is such a cool idea. This is something your granddaughter will always remember.

    I wish my grandchildren were younger I sure would make them. And who knows maybe for a 14 year old slumber it might be something she would like. She has always liked faries. My granddaughter and her friend make tiny faires out of clay put clothes on them and when they each have made a dozen they take them out to the Rhododendron gardens and hide them for people to find.

    Thank you for sharing the file, I will download it and see if the granddaughter might enjoy this for a summer time project when school is out.

  5. What a great idea! Thanks so much for the directions! Too clever.


  6. Thank you Linda and Lora. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. XXX -Debbie


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