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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Bridal Shower Lights

Here's a way to make a lovely little decoration for the Spring and Summer bridal showers coming up. I made this with any empty water bottle, battery operated tea light, lace, and of course my Silhouette Cameo which cut out all of the sweet little purple flowers and their leaves.

This is a great way to recycle and make some pretty decorations. They can also be used for other things besides bridal showers.

I haven't purchased the miniature shepherd hooks yet so the length of my hangers will have to be adjusted. Each guest will have a pretty little bell light with their name on it as their table placement. When you have to make this many it is best to do some recruiting to help assemble them all. :-)

Here is what you will need to make bell lights just like these.

1. Empty water bottle
2. Lace
3. Ribbon
4. Card stock in the brides chosen colors
5. Glitter or adhesive backed rhinestones
6. Hot Glue Gun (set on the low heat setting)
7. Silver thread or ribbon to make it hang.
8. Miniature shepherd hook to hang your lovely bells on.

To make these cut the top of the bottle to the size you want your light to be with a pair of kitchen scissors.

1. After you have cut your water bottle, take your battery operated tea light and apply some hot glue to the edges then place it inside the water bottle. Make sure you align it evenly and that it snugly fits into the top of the water bottle.

2. Cut 4 strips of ribbon or heavy silver thread to the length you desire. Place some hot glue on the ends of the thread and tuck them to the inside top of the water bottle. Each strip should be lined up evenly across from each other. Once you are sure they are nicely aligned loop over the 4 pieces of ribbon to make a hanger then knot it to hold the loop in place. You can also use a ring for a hanger; just tie all 4 pieces to the ring.

3. The last steps are to embellish you bell light with some lace ribbon and your flowers. Create the look you desire for your event.


  1. This turned out wonderful. I love it. Now to go take the water bottles out of the recycle bin. LOL! Thanks for sharing not only your fabulous project but the easy to follow instructions.

  2. A fab use of bottles other than recycling. Love all the little flowers too.
    Tine :) (Addie24)


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