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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Exciting News! ScrapColoring

Kay, is a member on the Silhouette Plus forum but she also has her own blog and you have to check her blog out. I'm not kidding. She finds and shares some of the most ingenious things on the internet. Here is the link to her blog Clever Someday Blog.

She shares a terrific link to a site in which you can generate your own high resolution digi paper. The neatest thing is; she came up with a way to make a digi paper in 4 different matching patterns.. This will work great in Silhouette Studio. Below is a picture of how I would use Kay's(Clever Someday) brilliant idea to cut out images. I can think of so many wonderful possibilities on using this wonderful idea.

To help get you started I made a template for you to use to make your own 4 square patterned papers. Here is the link to download it: Scrapcoloring Template Download. All you have to do now is to hop over to Clever Someday's blog to learn more about this great on-line tool. Please don't forget t leave her some blog love. She is a wonderfully sharing and giving person.

I'm editing this post to add an Award Ribbon I made using the paper shown above. The Award Ribbon is one of Lori Whitlock's Silhouette Studio cutting files. I tried to include each pattern as part of the Award Ribbon. Some of them can't be seen too well but it was so nice to cut all of the shapes in this cutting file with the various patterns. 

Coming soon! I'll be making a video tutorial on how to use the template and how to use it in Silhouette Studio so you won't use too much ink. 


  1. You AND Kay are clever every day, Debbie! Thank you for the template!

  2. Is printing your own paper cost effective? I can't imagine the amount of ink & high quality paper I'd need to use vs buying pads or single sheets on sale from a craft store.

  3. Hi Jasen, I am very cost saving minded. To buy an entire sheet of patterned card stock it can cost up to .50 cents per sheet and you can often waste a lot of it trying to get a couple of shapes from it. I always save my scrap paper but too often I never go back to use it. When I cut out a small shape from using the pattern fill or from using digi paper it costs very little. I wouldn't recommend printing an entire letter size sheets because this could really eat up some ink but I find it pretty economical to use it with something like the 4 quadrant paper, in the way shown in the video. I hope my explanation was helpful to answer you question. I still love buying patterned paper and really love it when it's on sale but this is a neat way of using digi paper without wasting a lot of ink.


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