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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July Card

This Fourth of July celebration was disappointing for many I'm not complaining when there are people dealing with the horrid fires in Colorado. We have had some kind of hot, humid, down right muggy, sticky, weather. Due to our lack of rain; fireworks were banned this year. They did end up having a display down by the river.

Our grandchildren came over for a visit today and I wanted to have a card for them to have some fun with. They loved their interactive fireworks card.They pull up on the top and the the flames come out on the top as the 4th of July wishes come out at the bottom.

Both cards were made by using the Print and Cut feature of the Silhouette Cameo. I had some wonderful patriotic digi paper I used to fill them with. First, I filled the entire top section with the star paper. Next, I needed to draw a rectangle shape to fill the bottom with the stripes. I made sure to select "No Cut" in the cut setting window since I only wanted the striped area to print on top of the starred portion.

Later on when I write the instructions, I will share this cutting file so you can have some 4th of July card fun ready for next year.

Here's another interactive card we had fun making. It's so hot here, I found this one refreshing. The graphics are; "Down By the River" by PCCrafter artists. Unfortunately, PCCrafter is no longer open for business. I miss them a lot. I'm a graphic I wish I could share this cutting file but the graphics are copyright protected. 


  1. The cards are gorgeous and fun , and i forgot to wish you happy 4th of july yesterday sorry . If you want some rain you can have ours , yesterday it was raining on and off all day but it was really warm , then it rained all night and is still raining but again its very warm i hate it when its like this ..... Have a good day and tfs ... hugs Sue xx

  2. I am sure that your grandchildren just loved the interactive elements to your cards. Would still love to know how you get your photo on the blog to move too! Really adds to the overall effect.
    Not sure where Sue (in the comment above) lives, but our weather seems more or less the same! Sorry that your hot weather has spoiled your celebrations. I hope that you still had a fabulous day on the 4th with your loved ones.
    Tine :)

  3. Hi (((Sue and Tine))), It's always nice to have you both stop by for a visit. Sue, it finally rained here yesterday and we were glad to see the rain but oh my, the humidity is so thick it feels like walking into a wall.

    Tine, I wrote some instructions on how to animate photos. I use Photoshop and it's super easy with this awesome software. The Silhouette Studio and Photoshop are my two favorite programs. They are both soooo.... much fun to play with. :) -xxx hugs for you both - Debbie


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