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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Head Bands and Hair Bow Silhouette Style

It's still a week for making party favors and birthday gifts. Since our little granddaughter is only going to be one year old her hair is still baby silky and she has a hard time keeping hair bows in her hair. I bought her a couple of outfits and wanted her to have some matching head bands. The hair bow is for our 4 year old granddaughter whom loves everything girl.

To make these I ironed Heat and Bond interfacing to the backs of the cotton material. When ironing this Heat and Bond onto fabric (like cotton fabric. This is what I used) make sure the bumpy feeling side is down. The bumpy side is what holds the glue. After I made sure the Heat and Bond was set, I placed it on my cutting mat and let the Silhouette cut away. Because fabric scissor and paper scissors are used for two different purposes using one to cut the other can dull scissors real quick I took on the same philosophy for the Silhouette ratchet blade. I've dedicated a ratchet blade just for cutting material. The setting I used for this project is the "Cotton Canvas" settings which are Speed - 5. Thickness - 33, and Blade - 5. I tried the "Fabric Cotton Print" setting and it just didn't cut as well.

After I cut out all of the flower shapes ( it is a Silhouette shape. I believe it was one of the free shapes) I sprayed it with Fabric Stiffener which stiffens the fabric a little and seems to help with fraying. I looked all over the house for my No Fray can of spray. I'll find it when I don't need

After the flowers dried I began putting everything together. I'm not a sewer so this makes me a huge fan of that wonderful fabric glue. It works great! Next, I hand cut circles of tulle, folded them in half twice and fabric glued them under one of the layers of the fabric flower to lift the petals. After I let them set to dry, I glued them onto the head band.

This is a project you will enjoy doing for those little girls in your lives. I think they would also sale real well if you do craft shows. If you have any questions, I always welcome any emails where I can be of help.

Happy Crafting Everyone!

Note ** : For safety, the center buttons are sewn on.  


  1. So cute Debbie!!
    Great job, your Grandkids will love them :)

  2. Those are adorable. I will have to get busy and make some for Christmas gifts. I know my girly eldest granddaughter would love the bow. I've noticed the youngest has headbands on as her hair is fine.

  3. Gorgeous bows, Debbie! I love these and I'll bet the granddaughters do, too!

  4. Debbie, these are great! Just beautiful!! I love them and I'm sure your granddaughter will, too! I have 2 little granddaughters and might just give them a try myself. Headbands to match their little outfits. Thanks so much for sharing them and the settings for the Silhouette to cut them out! Hugs!!

  5. Hi Debbie. I am sure your granddaughter will just love her bespoke headbands. I know I would have at her age.
    Tine :)

  6. It looks so cool. I am sure GD loved it. TFS

  7. Awww.... you are all so sweet to come by for a visit and leave such sweet comments. You all truly brighten my day. xxx - Debbie

  8. Debbie they are so pretty. Lovely colours they will look beautiful on your grandaughter.


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