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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Silhouette Studio Tutorial - Low Pass Filter

My house is quiet so I'm on a roll making video tutorials. I decided to make this one because, very often I've been asked about the Low Pass filter in the Studio software. This is part of the Auto Trace feature in the Silhouette Studio software. This video shows how the Low Pass filter can be very useful for many images we want to Auto Trace.


  1. OH! THANK YOU!!! I was wandering how those filters worked. TFS

  2. Thanks, Debbie. I always think videos explain things so much more clearly than text alone. I am sure there are lots of Silhouette users who will find this useful.
    Tine :)

  3. Thanks, Debbie! I hardly ever use the low pass filter, but this makes it much more obvious in which situations you would use it. And I'm jealous of your quiet house for making video tutorials. :D

  4. This was a very needed video Debbie, and you did a great job explaining the loss pass filter!

  5. Did I really say loss pass? Of course I mean low pass - it's the end of a long hard working day and I'm tired, I guess. Sorry. Time to get to the kitchen.

  6. Thank you Debbie, I am learning so much from your videos.

  7. Hi Debbie,

    Wow, this is very helpful, I'd actually never explored that low pass much. Huh, the things I can learn from you. I'll have to come back and bring popcorn and just sit back and enjoy your vids haha! Only I might get butter on all my projects hmmm.

    ♥ Barb

  8. Hi (((everyone))). I 'm so glad you found the tut helpful.Thank you for you kind comments.

    Barbara, no apologies...remember, you are talking to the typo queen. It is so rare to see you make any typos.Actually,I've never seen you make a typo.

    Barb, I love buttery popcorn but it sure will make crafts and key on the computer quite the

    xxx -Debbie

  9. When I do a trace I turn off the high pass and turn on the low pass and then play with the threshold. Using the low pass definitely can save a lot of work when it comes to editing those pesky node. Ever once in awhile though I come up with an image that is almost impossible to trace. I do love being able to use my own images. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

    The popcorn sounds good but I'll have to pass. I made the rule that with my new laptop I can not eat any food near it. LOL! And my fur babbies have to keep their distance when eating their treats.

  10. Oh, gosh I appreciate this post! I was using my own image & it was black & white. I kept getting double traced lines even when I turned off the high pass filter. This I watched your low pass filter video & you mentioned something about black & white not tracing well. So I decided to fill the white part of my image with color and TAA DAAAAAA! It worked! It would have saved me hours had I known not to use B&W! I'm a much happier cutter now!


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