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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Experimenting with more Pop Up features

Hello friends, followers, and fellow Crafters. This post is about an experiment. I shared a pop up card template here and then decided to go one step further by making a cutting file to add to it. It's a floating floor. The way it works, is to add it to the pop up card template, do some print and cut designs to add to the floor. You have to make sure they are sized appropriately because, if you make them too big; when you close the card, it will stick out off the edge of the card. Hmmm.... I wonder how I know this. whistle

Once you choose the graphics, do an auto trace on them, weld a little tab to the auto trace outline the depth of the floor. Make a cutting line rectangular slit about 0.010 to place the graphics where you want the to be.Always  making sure they won't go out past the edge of the floating floor when the card is folded. The back of the floating floor tucks under the pop up portion of the card and will be glued to the lid of the card. The bottom portion will be folded and glued to the bottom of the card. This is when you will see the dimension of floating floor. This card will fold flat so there are no worries about mailing it.

I still have a little tweaking to do on this cutting file so I won't be sharing it today but it won't be long. biggrin

Oh, I also promised, I would share a picture of the Christmas ornaments I cut. Below is a picture of the floating floor prototype and the Christmas ornaments cut.

Have a wonderful day filled with lots of happy crafting! xxx - Debbie


  1. Those ornaments are gorgeous! They would be so pretty cut with glitter or shiny paper!!

  2. what a gorgeous ornaments, very beautiful
    hugs linda

  3. My goodness, Debbie, those ornaments are spectacular! What a lot of intricate details. Like Betsy said, they would be so pretty with glitter or shiny paper.
    I can't wait to see the pop-up file. I must admit, I went into a brain freeze part way thru reading, so I need to do some hands on. :/ I love the card. Did you print it in color or color it yourself?

  4. I love your card. I'm not so sure I'm ready yet to figure out how to do it following your wonderful directions. LOL! But if I decided I need a personal challenge I'll attempt it.

    You are the queen of designing cutting files. I admire all of your creations. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  5. Very creative, Debbie and the ornaments look great cut out.
    Tine :)

  6. Thanks everyone. I'm going to have to glitter up the ones I cut. My hubby will love it!

  7. Debbie, that pop up floor is just brilliant, a stage for all creations, oh how many ways this could be used, can hardly wait to play, hurry, hurry, lol, love those ornaments, will definitely have my way with those, thanks so much for all the sharing you do, hugs

  8. You certainly are one creative gal! Thanks for sharing the ornament file. I will definitely use those. The stage pop-up card is beautiful, but it looks complicated to me. lol Thanks so much for all you do to help with the Silhouette! I've learned so much from you and I use my Silhouette everyday now. I guess my husband is enjoying his retirement since I'm upstairs with my crafting and not bugging him! :) Big Hugs!!

  9. superbes ornements! wahou!!!patounine

  10. your ornaments look fantastic
    thank you for sharing

  11. that little village is just darling. I just came upon your side by watching he split monogram tutorial you did. Great job. Look forward to seeing more, and am enjoying searching through some of your older posts.


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