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Friday, October 5, 2012

Great News About Studio 2.7.3 UPDATE BELOW

I already shared this on the Silhouette Plus forum and couldn't wait to share it here on my blog. Today, I was playing around with the newest Studio software update and made a wonderful discovery. The 2.7.3 version. If you haven't updated your software, I highly recommend that you do.

At one time, we were able to save cutting files as .svg files then, the next update ( I don't remember which one) took this ability away. So, I began thinking while I was making a new cutting file and when I went to save it, I thought...hmmm.... I'm going to try and save this one as an .svg file just to see if it works. Guess what? It did, it worked....wooohoo!!!

Here is the link to download this .svg file of the phone pictured below.*** New .svg file. The other one would only open in Studio. This one will open in other programs. You can download it here -----> Updated Phone 4 .svg File Download

You didn't think, I would make something and not share it, now did you.biggrin

Update **** whaaemoti Tonight, we discoverd the .svg files are only opening up in Studio. It seems as though it is missing some kind of decoder that makes it compatible with other software and cutting machines.

Wil, left a comment here to let us know the file can be imported into SCAL then exported as an .svg and it will then save it as a .svg. If I was understanding all of this correctly. I don't own the SCAL software. If I get someone to try this and let me know if this is the correct way to do it, I will get back with everyone. xxxx- Debbie

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  1. Fun phone, Debbie. I am so far in two minds about the recent update of the software. I haven't really had time to play with the new features yet but the cross-hairs are driving me to distraction, even if you can remove them. Doing it for each file is frustrating. Hadn't spotted about the SVGs thanks for pointing this out.
    Tine :)

  2. I haven't been on the forum lately but I do subscribe to your blog posts so thanks for sharing ;).

  3. Thanks, Debbie, cute phone! I haven't had time to play around yet either, but did the latest update. Like Tine, the cross-hairs are distracting. Wish you could turn those on/off as needed.


  4. I just checked which version I am using and it is 2.7.3d, and I am not seeing an option to save as SVG. Am I missing something? I am running this on a mac, so I don't know if that is making a difference or not. The little phone is so cute, thank you!

    1. I'm using the same version. I don't see the option for SVG either... :(

  5. Cute phone,Thanks Debbie for sharing.Where do I find the blog about sharing free Silhoutte files?
    Thanks again,Jocelan

  6. Hello,
    I've tryed it also and it don't work. But when you make a SVG from the the first SVG file you maked, than it works in SCAL also. So you make 2 times a svg.
    1e from the studio file and 2e from the svg you make from the studiofile.
    I hope you understand me.

  7. Thank you Wil. I don't have SCAL but I will ask someone on the Silhouette Plus forum to try it out.

    When you save a Studio file as an .svg file it will only open up in Studio :( Wil said, if you import the saved Studio .svg then export it as an .svg in SCAL it will become a real .svg.

    Tine, you can turn off the crosshairs by going to the grid icon, at the bottom it says "crosshairs" just click on this to turn it off.

  8. Thanks for the cute rotary phone. I haven't updated yet my Studio software after reading a few people had problems with the 64 bit platform.


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